Peter Gabriel remix competition: Win SSL gear

On Wednesday (28th June), Peter Gabriel's Real World studios is launching a remix competition, based on the multitrack from 'Shock The Monkey.' Stef from Real World says: "The sample pack is pretty much a who's who of your fave retro synth and studio tech including Fairlights, Prophet 5's, Linn Drums, Ground Hum and Headphone Bleed etc..." Shock the Monkey was recorded in 1981-2, and was the first thing Peter made with his new Fairlight CMI: "I'd been dreaming for some time of an instrument that could sample stuff from the real world and then turn it, make it available on a keyboard. Larry Fast told me that he thought he'd heard rumours of such an instrument. It was £10,000 which seemed an unearthly amount of money, got very excited with this thing, it's called the Fairlight. I spent a lot of time then collecting sounds going to factories and the university, getting interesting samples that were then used on that record and the ones after, it was really one of the key things that gave that record a different sound." Here is a QT clip of Peter talking about recording the track.
On wednesday, you can download the samples from Real World Remixed, which is also has multitracks of various world music things. The competition runs until the end of September, and the winner gets a SSL Duende - the £1,000 console-in-a-box which Chris at Analog Industries is lusting after. PS: Here is the story of how Peter Gabriel spent time at Georgia State Uni trying to teach Bonobo monkeys to play keyboards.

I like that clip from PGs site. I thought that he used the Fairlight on PG3. Hmmm...maybe I'm wrong. I wish PG would make a nice documentary of the making of the PG1-PG4 albums. Between Larry Fast, David Rhodes, Tony Levin, and Pg himself, they would have enough commentary, footage, and photos to make something great.
he definetly used the cmi on pg3, on a few tracks here and there, but pg4 was really made arround the fairlight.

btw, there are short documentries like the one on pg4 on (almost) all of PG's albums as part of the remastering marketing campain here:

but the most interesting one is the one about PG4, natrully.
Just a pedantic and non-musical comment: Bonobos aren't monkeys, they're chimpanzees.


- Sam C.
Oh. My. God.

Downloading sample back now.
Monkey... Monkeyeeeeee

heh, remember that movie that used this song? the one with Ferris Bueller and the fighter pilot chimps in that lab experiment?

80s movies were crazy

My remixes are revealed.
Hope that you enjoy them.

Hey! I hopw you don't mind me jumping on the bus:
Here's my remix if you care to check it out.
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