New analog synths on Engadget

Mark wrote: "Hey man. Love your blog. Have you ever considered doing a feature on all the *new* analog synths out there? Comparisons and so on? Might be cool." So I did just that for my Engadget column this week. I only did keyboard synths, so left out the mighty MFB Synth II, which is tiny and knobby and has MIDI, program storage and a sequencer, costs €480/£329, sounded pretty good to me at MusikMesse: review and product page. There's the much simpler Technosaurus Microcon II for roughly the same price if you include the step sequencer. Any others Mark should know about?

Another "modern" analog synth is the SemTEX XL. It's a really great machine available as desktop or rack-module.
Many here:

Particularly relevant would be:

Feel free to add any that are missing. =] has a bassline and an analog synth named bombass.
what about
Buchla 200e is pretty cool too
The technosaurus stuff was discontinued long ago... Elektron doesn't make analog.
I just emailed Technosaurus:

ME: Are you guys still in business?

THEM: Don't believe the rumours.
We are still here and if we can serve you with anything else, please let us know - thanks!
Best analog regards
Jurg Oldani
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