"My tabla machine has gone completely nuts"

Jesse writes: "Hi Music Thing, Thought you might be interested in my tabla machine as it has gone COMPLETELY INSANE.
"It has a 'composer' mode where you can program two beats of up to 100 steps each. I was programming a regular 32 step loop when it went completely apeshit and started playing a 334 step pattern of f'd up noises that most certainly do not come from a tabla. Here [QT Movie] is a video of it doing its thing. Here is my blog entry about it."
Thanks, Jesse. Really do check that video out. It's very cool.

sounds so much better this way!!!
thats really great. its like a jazz tune where they 'return' to the theme
jesse, i wish to purchase your haunted table machine. did it do this on 6/6/06?
table? tabla.
Very Autechre'ish.
Hah, wicked. I can see Richard D. James using that on a track!
The cuase of the problem is pretty obvious, when you turn it on the first thing the display said was "ale".
I've wanted one of these machines for a while, but now I want one EVEN MORE!! That's so awesome!
Sounds like 'Gantz graf' :D
Reminds me of Asa-Chang. I want one of these things too!
Reminds me of what I heard when my trusts+y old Ataria ST 1040 had a sort of nervous breakdown when I fiddled around with a song in the 90s. The computer sort of crashed but I was able to save a very strange song file, which had all the funny changes of timing, drones of all kinds etc. making it a Aphex Twin like remix of my song. Called the song Meltdown...
Bloddy awesome. You can't BUY one of those out of a store. Yours is unique now!
Fantastic! Sounds like Radiohead on an off day. Ok Tabla...
I've never even heard of a tabla machine before...
Instruments that circuitbend themselves are priceless. That thing is just begging to be sampled!
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