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About a week ago, I was thinking about my fellow bloggers, notably Matrix Matrix Synth, Chris Analog Industries and Peter Create Digital Music. I was wondering where they wrote their stuff, and what kind of gear they had themselves. I emailed them, suggesting a big show and tell. Predictably enough, they mostly replied "er...I'm kind of restyling my studio right now, can we do it in a month or so?" Well, I'm always just about to get my gear organised properly, and it's never happened yet. So here's what my spare room / office looks like right now, without any tidying up or dusting (I did move the big ugly red Ikea chair). The Flickr page has lots of notes saying what everything is. Right, chaps, I've shown you mine, now you show me yours...
UPDATE: Chris from Analog Industries has made a start, but he's not quite playing the game...

Nice Telecaster. I approve.
that is a nice tele. i have a nashville b-bender in the same colour.

hey, have you done a musicthing story on b-benders yet? they have an interesting history.
for some reason i was also wanting to say "nice telecaster". but it looks normal, just surprised that you played one i guess.
Nice to see the vintage keys rack module out on the desk - seems to indicate it actually being used :)

Also, good to see someone in the UK representing synthage so well - keep up the good work!
Wow! That space is so SPARSE! What's up Tom? Are you a fan of THX1138? It's like a Zen Poem.

Solution: Perhaps more Bheringer, a cat, or a cow-bell.


You really don't wanna see mine right now. A synth fell down and konked a chunk out of my floor.

However, here is my 'living room' (aka video game music center):

And here's my studio the last time it was organized (around November!):

It's all crazy in there right now, as I've put in a bunch of Modcan, Blacet, and soon Metalbox.

Peace :)
For goodness sake, lean the guitars with the strings against the edge of your desk, not the back of the neck.

New string and dinted frets are easier to deal with than a dinty neck.

So there. Cos I say so.
Wow! Can you actually play those instruments? I thought just blogging about the stuff was your limit. And why is there a microphone on a stand? Do you sing as well? Can you do Streets Of London by Ralph McTell? Go on, do Streets Of London by Ralph McTell. Let me take you by the hand...

Not too impressive... but it works.
Ah, a Pulse - never really connected to mine, though big props to any synth w/ a random patch generator. Hooray for the Evolver, though - a future classic.
I *love* my Pulse, and would recommend it to anyone. In A-B tests in my studio, for sheer bass presence, the Pulse stomps all over the SH-101 and Juno-60. The architecture is pretty similar to the Minimoog, only with a lot more modulation options. :)

Great idea to post your setup, I've definitely been curious about that. :) Here's a big page of pics of my creative space (I do live-pa rave techno), through years of iterations:
good idea.
actually I`m rebuilding too...
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