The Keytar reborn! Wireless MIDI goes mainstream

I have a feeling that the M-Audio Midair system was announced at NAMM, but I completely missed it. It's a range of wireless MIDI keyboards. First up is a totally pimped-out keytar controller in a range of animal-print finishes an old Oxygen8 25-key keyboard with some knobs and a wireless connection. It seems to use the same 2.4ghz technology as the wireless keyboard I'm typing this on, but claims a 30 foot range. I'm sure it's fine for studio use. The idea, in what I suspect is a slightly more gig-ready form, was pioneered by the British company Kenton. Their Midistream system uses UHF radio: "Simply put, we found the UHF band to be superior. We started out by developing both systems, but abandoned the Bluetooth system due to its high latency and other performance problems." I think that Justin from The Darkness uses a Midistream with his keytar (Here is a clip of Justin Darkness flying around a gig in a giant pair of breasts)
ANYWAY. If you came to this post expecting some entertaining Keytar action, then you've probably already seen Belinda Bedekovic. But have you seen Daisuke Asakura? Or Sonata Arctica? Or Weird yuppy dude? Or Imogen Heap? Or Mute Math? (via DigitalProSound)

Terrific links, Tom!

Now I'm dreaming of Keytar thing . . . that'd be brilliant.

Oh, and I talked to M-Audio a little bit about this: there's no strap mount on their keyboards, oddly enough, so you can't make it into much a keytar out of the box. (Though I'll bet someone finds a way to attach one.) And performance should be very low-latency. This is NOT Bluetooth, though it is 2.4GHz, just as are some of the higher-end solutions. Bluetooth in fact would not work for low-latency musical applications.
You know, if you just stopped writing "via some other blog" you might just give the mistaken impresison that you do some journalistic work, and not just copy/paste.

As it is, I guess most people already read all those other 'via' blogs, and so (giant breasts aside) I find the whole thing to be quite redundant. Simply adding more poo to the giant pile of poo that's already out there isn't good enough. Just like your ad's, which I don't click on anymore.
you might think your comments arent poo... but then of course you would be wrong

more poo all around then


Just let me know when I can retrofit my old RK-100...
Belinda Bedekovic was quite impressive, but look what "Les Rythmes Digitales" can do with a KX5...
Dave, gorgeous RK-100.

In answer to your question: August. That's when M-Audio says they'll ship a universal standalone MIDI adapter. Price TBD, but given that a full 25-key keyboard with wireless is only $250 list, I can't imagine it'll cost much, especially in comparison to the high-end competition.
I don't think i would call this the rebirth of the keytar.
I will be a bit suprised if m-audio will waste to much energy supporting this.

As far as the Kenton unit, i can say with 100% conviction, it's the best unit of it's kind. I travel with mine all over the world and have been very very pleased. It's the FIRST unit i have owned that actually can keep up with heavy demands.

And no, i don't say this because i am an endorsed artist but because it's fact.

Here are two links to the video i shot for kenton

if you would like to download it:

Or just view it:
Hey Jeff, I watched your video.

Dude, just buy a frickin' Spanish guitar! You'll get *exactly* the same sound, but without the wireless midi/mains power/looking like a dork/expense etc.

Sorry, i just had to say it.
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