Fantastic track made from cut-up instructional videos

We've covered instructional videos before, but this clip [QT video] from Curved Air is amazing. DJ Kels Kel McKeown has cut up three videos to make one track. That bass player's look is FINE. (Thanks, Mikey)

Wow, that was really cool. Great idea. I hope this sets off a lot more similar projects. I like the idea of hearing a loop while seeing the video of the player loop.
That was amazing. According to the date at the end, it's 5 years old now!
This is awesome. When i saw DJ Shadow live during the 'in tune and on time' tour he did this with the live video guy taking midi from his MPC to trigger the proper video clip for each sound he triggered, that was pretty amazing too.

- b
Looks a LOT like the stuff EBN was doing in the early 90's with drummer instructional videos. Very cool.

The video is really good !
But the look of the bass player is amazing too.
I find some information about him and his weird haidress and his friends'.

read more about him on his website:

you will learn that he was previously a weightlifting champion.
Felton is the first Georgian to win a championship in the in the seniors' national competition since Paul Anderson accomplished the feat 21 years ago, in 1954.

weightlifting is definitly the best way to practice bass :)
Sweet! My high school band dept. had that same bass video (super bass chops or something) We used to get a kick out of making fun of those things
Oi! Howsabout choppin' up some o' the ole ROCKSKOOL bbc instructional vids! That would be SPOT ON, MATE
Does anyone know the name of the drums and the guitar instructional video? The site has no credits...
Thanks a lot
If you like this you should checkout this:
oh man Rock School - i sure wish i could watch that series again - got me through some serious unemployment times.
I e-mailed the author of the video and here's what he said. I had asked him if there was any formal release of the video.

"hi, thanks
no there was no formal release for the video, but i am releasing records on DC recordings now. check out

and use this address for me -"
Yep, I made this video and hadn't seen it for about four years until random people kept emailing me about it. Anyway, glad you seem to be enjoying it. But my name isn't DJ Kels, and I don't know where that came from! My name is Kel McKeown, and I release records on DC recordings. Check out

The drummer's name is Louis Belson but I forget the name of the video. The guitarist is Emily Remler and her video was called How to Play Swing Guitar. If you wanna put it up somewhere please ask me first.
heh "spot on, mate"

crazy brits
oh yeah, it did get a release actually in 2001:

"The Noodles Foundation Presents THE COMPLETE DEATH OF COOL" - on the bonus Ho-Fun Disc.
yeah, this is really fun to watch. check out coldcut's natural rhythms video which is also alot like this but with nature videos.
Wow, I really like this video. The bass player is just hilarious and the multi-screen effects are impressive. A similar piece by TV Sheriff is now at Evil TV: That one adds the additional element of Fabio!
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