8-track portable recording with phantom power: $250

Way back when, I wrote about the Fostex MR-8. It had great specs (uncompressed .wav recording, XLR inputs, 8 channels, runs of 6xAA batteries). However, as I said at the time, it doesn't have phantom power, and "it's possibly the ugliest, reddest, cheapest-looking piece of music gear I've ever seen". Today, Cam wrote to me to let me know about the Fostex MR-8 Mk II. It now has full 48v phantom power, better A/D converters, better software, and is no longer red. But it's still $249. Result! For $150 more, there's also the MR-8 HD, with a built-in 40gb hard drive which is white. Double result! (Thanks Cam)

my favorite line from the ad sheet:

128 x 64 dot LCD with comprehensive indication

Just a minor note, the MR-8HD model is silver, not white. I have been using one since last year and it works great!
still only two tracks simultaneous recording? Drag.

I have the older version (in black, thankfully) and it does its job, if without frills.
I also have the older (black HD) model and love it greatly for ease of use. i write most of my ideas on acoustic guitar and it is fantastically easy to use but beware cos its realistically stilll only a 6 track recorder for practical purpose.
I use my HD for podcasting and the only way to insure a clean signal is avoid the noisy amps/phantom power of the unit and purchase an external preamp, unless of course you like to sound like a ham operator is strattling your head.

I suggest swapping out the 20gig drive for a 100gig+ and buying this unit for a clean sound (don't worry about the unbalanced outs, makes no difference on such a short run to the HD)


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