$125,000 record player comes with Martian-grade motor

Ryan writes: "I work at a Hi-Fi distributor in **** and we just shipped out one of these. It's a Clearaudio Statement. The thing weights 770lbs, costs $125K, and has the same motor that they used in the Mars Rover! **drool**" There's more information, and lots of porno-style close up photos on this page which includes three short videos, in which you can hear the Hong Kong (I think) dudes who run the website groaning orgasmically and giggling hysterically while poking the platter with their fingers.

Perhaps they could suspend it as a torsion pendulum and encase it in a vacuum?
This is nothing compared to my Fisher Price.

nuthin' says "I've got more money than sense than a 125k turntable. I paid 30 bucks for mine at a thrift store, and whats more, I can move mine without the use of a forklift
"nuthin' says "I've got more money than sense than a 125k turntable. "

Apart from a $250,000 turntable, I guess.
If you buy the 1 million buck one, it spins forever (perpetual motion).

Besides audio fidelity the reason a guy would buy a high end turntable is that they look so cool there is the perception that you might improve your chances of getting laid. This turntable is just plain ugly and I can't imagine any hot babe who will not be repelled by it. This may have high nerd value but a MICHELL GYRODEC is much less expensive and more likely to improve your chances. I'm married myself so this is fairly academic but jeez what an ugly turntable!
I get laid with regular record players all the time...
what kind of nonsense are you vomiting?
oh the Michells....wow....Check out the 'picture gallery' on their webpage. (droolage)


My fave is the Syncro (scroll down). It looks like a hot rod wheel.
Why is it, that these so called high end expensive hifi amps and speakers and decks and stuff..

Always sound totally rubbish???

Never got it, never will!
Vinyl must still be a British fetish.
All great music comes from England and many of my favorite groups are releasing vinyl special editions.
I don't think this is happening as much in the states as far as I can see.
I still try to compare Vinyl and CDs with my pretty decent Denon direct drive...but the pops and tics give it away every time and I always handled my vinyl with white gloves.
Well, we are all very impressed and more than a litle surprised that you think we care. But your lack of acuity is surprising. My point was that unlike other high end turntables this one was especially ugly. I chose to express that in a moderately discursive manner but let me summarize it almost monosyllabically: it is ugly.
If you put a 200e on the platter, and spun it round and round, you'd have the world's most expensive LFO!
Anon: nah, it's not that ugly, it's just that you're not a James Bond villain from the sixties.
Yes, but what kind of pickup cartridge does the Mars rover use?
Can you scratch with it?
I think I still prefer my... technics sl - 3200
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