vPipes: Super-hot MIDI bagpipes

I've been ignoring the exciting world of MIDI Bagpipes since this special report from over a year ago, so I'm indebted to Ralph for letting me know about vPipes - an "electronic Uilleann Pipes emulator" (I know these people are very particular about terminology). You hold the black thing with the nice backlit LCD in your hands. There's a separate box with MIDI ports, headphone outs, and a big squishy pressure sensor pretending to be the bag, which you put under your arm. The whole system costs €980. More info in this pdf.

looks like some sort of a portable dialysis or insulin pump...
and thank god there are still small companies out there making this off the wall stuff, because what will fill ebay up in the future with cult-status electronic instruments without them!
Why it's good that they've made pain portable.

Mixolydian pain.
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