Johnny Greenwood playing guitar through Max/MSP

Here's Johnny Greenwood from Radiohead playing 'Go To Sleep' on Jools Holland, with his guitar being processed though a Max/MSP patch (the full song is here). It inspired me to plug a guitar into the G2 and come up with this [600k mp3] effect, which stores the input in a loop until it's told to spit it out and start over, with an LFO changing the pitch of the loop. Anyway, here is an interview with Jonny where he talks about Max/MSP ("I love it all: I could fill pages with obsessive stuff about Max/MSP. I've even started lurking in chatrooms"). Sometimes, I worry that Jonny Greenwood is just a modern, high-tech, cool version of Michael Angelo Batio... (thanks, Aidan)
UPDATE: Here is my very scrappy Nord Modular G2 Patch.

i saw keith fullerton whitman on his recent aus tour. the things he was doing with max and a guitar...
was just about to say something about keith fullerton...but was beat to it. his stuff is amazing. playthroughs? his most recent release, Lisbon? so good.
it sounds like a really wacky quantized patching of supatrigga...
just non musical garbage
I haven't listened to Radiohead for ages, but this was actually worse than I ever could've expected
Please share with us, your G2 patch. : )
Radioarse, more like.
I sent this in. Hhaha!

How do I make this noise!
nice loop tom !
it reminds me of this band signed by Warp recently: BATTLES.
good stuff... keep it up !
SUPER! Don't listen to those arseholes. Latest Yorks stuff is brilliant too. Georg
"non musical garbage" !!! please...

well, i for one applaud this sort of mainstream/noise intervention. just think of the 750,000 people that bought the last radiohead record watching this on tv and being completely baffled, typing "Max-MSP" into google the next day... can only be a good thing...
Hugest thenk's for sharing this patch. But i havent got G2. Maby
there is posability to recreate it fore MaxMSP fore using it at pc?
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