Jan Hammer with gun, Fairlight, attache case, keytar

I'm on holiday for the next two weeks lying by a beach along way from anything electronic. As a farewell gift, here is the truly awe-inspiring video for Jan Hammer's 'Miami Vice' theme, discovered via this slightly bad-tempered VSE thread about those famous toms. On a similar tip, here is Jan rocking the keytar at Crockett's wedding.

Enjoy the beach, mate!

With luck, I'll be away for at least the next few days at the Kentucky Derby, so I appreciate the thematic nature of the horse shot. (Got any bets, now that the one vaguely synth-themed horse -- Steviewonderboy -- is out?)
I haven't had a vacation in almost four years, you motherfranker! Have fun, grumble grumble, etc.
I'm ALWAYS on vacation B-) Here's to Don John, Jan Ham, and PMT. Keep it frosty Tom.

Funny, in the end it sounded like ZZ Top. And I heard the same sample which Peter Gabriel used in Lay your hands on me.
there were many classic fairlight samples there. that string stab at the end is a jarre favorite, and was used by U2 in the unforgettable fire, the PG sample, obviously, and a few others.

My favorite fairlight sample wasn't used there, though, the vocal ahh sample (which is used on crocket's theme, btw).
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What I want to know is how the f*ck Jan Hammer got away with sampling Deep Note in the Miami Vice theme while everyone else was having their asses sued off for using it! You can clearly hear it near the end of the song's intro, it's been pitched up, but it's still Deep Note.

And on a lighter note, enjoy your vacation Tom! ^_^
Jan Hammer cool
Nice info
That's the 1985 equivalent of a Compact Flash card Jan's running down the alley with...
HAHA, Deep Note at ~0:33! Good ears. The Miami Vice theme is actually what got me my first synth, because I wanted to do those rapid snares that are in the intro, which I previously did with a machine gun sound on those keychain gun noise things. Somehow, Miami Vice was the start of my music career! What the hell.
this blog used to rock...now its as boring as perry como
Where are you other Musicthing guys? I need some slightly amusing geeky comment about old synths.
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