The epic story of Prince's 'Cloud Guitar'

Victor wrote to me from Minneapolis: "I ran across this in my own city, and as a Prince fan I thought you would be interested." It's a Yellow 'Cloud Guitar', apparently "made for and used by Prince", selling for $18,750. Then I found this - the 1,700 word 'Cloud Guitar FAQ', which tells you everything you could ever want to know about these things. The first was "built in 1983 by David Husain Rusan, luthier at Knut Koupee music store in Minneapolis", four were built and resprayed various times. It seems that one of them is at the Smithsonian. Then, "During the Diamonds & Pearls era several Yellow Clouds were built to be sold at the Minneapolis & London NPG shops". These are what you'll see at your local Hard Rock Cafe, apparently built by Prince’s guitar tech at the time (I suspect this is what's going for $18k). During the NPG era, Schecter were contracted to build replicas (with dot position markers, rather than symbols) for sale at gigs and through his website. Of course, you can make one yourself, or buy a tiny one, although I can't really understand why anyone would want to...

It's a lot of money for a very ugly guitar. What is so special about it?
is that a black-and-white photo of pete doherty in the background?

Bloody hell, how small must Prince's hands be? The gap between the upper bout and the neck is teensy.

it is a very very ugly guitar, but is it as ugly as this?
Definitely a silly guitar for way too much money. But Prince is a tiny guy. You know, Prince is going to be doing a couple of shows in Vegas this year. see
this is a beautiful guitar i mean its has to sound good and he is such a great player. u name a guitar player that jumps on pianos and can still hold a tune i think its a great looking instrment
Why buy what you can win??

Prince and Schecter are giving away one of the Cloud Guitars.

Persnally, I'd rather have a copy of his Maple Tele.
Yes, one is at the Smithsonian. It's in the Smithsonian Castle (just down from the Hirshhorn); I saw it about two weeks ago. I walked into the room with all the coins on the first floor, and spotted it through the entrance to the next room. I knew what it was instantly.

The room it's in also has an Abe Lincoln life-mask and one of those preposterous huge-front-wheel bicycles. It's a cool room to see.
I think his name is Dave Rusan.
Cloud's r beautiful & sound great!
The luthier who made the original is definately Dave Rusan. What is it with people and just reposting incorrect shit all over the internet?
if you all wanna know what the fuss is about why not read then you'll all want one. x
btw thats

prince guitar

thanks very:)
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