eBay of the day: Crazy LED-tastic MIDI Controller

eBay item #7415037281 is a Penny & Giles MM16 - a hugely expensive, very rare and now discontinued MIDI controller which used endless faders, which are presumably some kind of transparent rubber conveyor belt with LED markers behind it. It has 12 midi outs, and would look very cool in your rack... There's another one here for $400 buy it now. (Thanks FMass)

Kitt! Turbo Boost!

Michael: Be reasonable! I'm affraid my engine's BPM's are maxed out--we've hit the limit and the compression is flat. Perhaps if we were to delay, we could re-fill and then overdrive the engines outputs and test our balanced suspension.
That looks quite like the Penny and Giles Belt Controller
PFG 7000

One of those is very expensive, although they should not be. A motorfader for sure has more complex mechanics, and goes for one third of the price.
Ahhhhh! I used to use these with the Sonic Solutions systems back in the mid/late 90's. They were actually kind of cool They provided some form of actual mechanical feedback (because you are phyically moving those "tank treads") but they also had the neat advantage of being able to display the current location of each fader. Nothing real moving fader couldn't do, of course, but they were neat.

I'd drop SOME money on it...but I'd really rather have a Lemur.
It is the Shoguns!!!
Hi. I just linked onto this page from searching MM16. I was one of the engineers / developers involved in the MM16 ( which later mutated into DC16 ). Yes - cheap motor faders are available now but less so then and P+G wouldn't have used the cheapest for quality reasons. Build quality and low volume manufacture is one of the reasons it was expensive - the thing is very robust aka built like a tank. However it's probably not a big issue if it's light home studio use so the DC16 version was angled toward pro workstation users rather than the original general studio market.
I was on a cut from each sale of these for a time but unfortunately low sales mean I'm not rolling in cash :-( I do have a MM16 though.
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