30th Anniversary Fairlight signed by everyone (and Bono)

MT reader 'Synthetic' was at the NAB show in Las Vegas a couple of weeks back and saw this incredible signed Fairlight CMI keyboard, which will be auctioned for the human rights charity Witness later in the year. The names read like the guest list for the Music Thing summer barbecue: Brian Eno, Peter Gabriel, Kate Bush, Jean Michel Jarre, Jan Hammer, Daryl Hall and, bizarrely but wonderfully, Billy Gibbons. Visually, it's strangely reminiscent of this...
UPDATE: More on this at the wonderful DVDBorn Blog here.

It's not really strange that Billy Gibbons signed this Fairlight. If you take a closer listen to some of ZZ Top's classic early 1980s tunes, you'll realize that they were very artfully produced fairlight and synth sequences with grinding guitars.

Billy hired Carl Marsh to drive the electronic setup, which featured burbling basslines and an E-mu drumulator (I think later work featured Series III drums) providing the rhythm tracks behind the Eliminator album.
That's pretty damn hot, Tom. Only problem would be, you could only play the black notes . . . go all pentatonic.

I'm not sure what the CDM equivalent would be. Like a custom-built Max/MSP controller signed by Monolake, Four Tet, Sigur Ros, Boards of Canada, and everyone from Radiohead? Uh . . . or something. Of course, I'll happily invite the Fairlight crowd to my BBQ.
Complete list:

believe it or not, B. Gibbons was also one of the very first owners of a SidStation

the guy is a synth nut, like weez be
hahahahaha, the first that hit the old brain when I saw that pic was the Ministry Fairlight...too damn funny...
And you can see a video of Peter Vogel (founder of Fairlight) sign this very keyboard on my blog: http://dvdborn.blogspot.com

There's also lots of other Fairlight stuff on my blog.
It isn't worth jack unless they get Tex Haper to sign it.
Hmm. For some reason, they forgot to ask *me* to sign it.
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