Unmissable, bonkers Jean Michel Jarre video

This [YouTube] video for 'Magnetic Fields 2' by Jean Michel Jarre is simply astonishing. It opens with JMJ (looking even more like Laurence Lewellyn Bowen than usual). He's sitting in an igloo, serenading an Eskimo gentleman with what seems to be a Fairlight with the top cover taken off. The Eskimo is busy gutting a fish, and is surprised to find a big transistor embedded in the fish's flesh. Suddenly, JMJ is transported to a forest, where he meets some women wearing white robes, and finds a giant matching transistor. Equally suddently, he's transported inside his synth, carrying a spinning compass, which quickly turns into some French interpretative dance dudes. A little later, he meets an African man standing in the desert next to a gigantic bit of audio cable. Could someone else watch this, and reassure me that I'm not having an enormous mental breakdown? Thanks.
It's a kind of partner video to this Kate Bush effort, which now looks relatively normal. Also from JMJ: "I have an obsession with time and naked ladies" here. (thanks, JDJ on EM411)

That's not a transistor. It looks more like an old-school IC package.
This video is wacky as well, but in an 80s kind of way.
Ohh the French. I love em!

I liked the dancing electron charges on the compas -- magnetic fields :)

Great video!
This one is also really cool. Some serious gear porn here... :)
=) Wow ! This realy is a great one!
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