TR-909 drum machine for $20 on Craigslist

Anonymous writes: " I search for old drum machines and stuff on craigslist all the time and two days ago came across this. A TR909 for 20 dollars, I couldn't even believe my eyes. I didn't get it and I don't know how much it was sold for, but man that would have been sweet." Seems you have to refresh the page a few times to see the picture, but it's definitely there. Please don't email the seller, because THE 909 HAS BEEN SOLD. This was possibly an even better deal than the famous $150 TB-303.

er, Mom where have you put all the stuff I stored here? All the boxes I put in the attic aren't there ...
makes you wonder how much that hanging light fixture is worth ...
[quiet sob]
My mate bought a new 505 when we were kids (1985 maybe's). We went to this store in Newcastle-upon-tyne, anyway, a shiny shiny 2nd hand 808 and 909 were sat on display for bugger all money.

I was into my electro at the time and told my mate to trade the 505 for the 808 and 909

The shop guy offered him both plus £50 cash for the 505

My mate wouldn't trade?

I could of kicked his stupid idiot stubborn ass round the fricken shop..

does he regret it, I guess he does now..

This reminds me of a terrible Christmas Eve I had a couple of years ago. The car rental place had screwed my girlfriend and I out of our rental and we could'nt make it to my parents that night so we were stuck at our place eating a bucket of KFC (actually that was the best Christmas - here's the bad part). I was looking at some Toronto local online classified ads and came across one for a "computer controlled bass line tb 303 - $100". By the wording of the ad I knew this guy had no idea what he had. I emailed him immediately (he had just posted the ad a few hours earlier - on Christmas Eve!) assured that I would get the 303. I was already dream spending the $1000+ I would get flipping it(sure it's a neat synth, but in my opinion $1000+ could be spent far more wisely). He got back to me a few hours later to let me know it had sold, and had already been picked up by another guy who had emailed him first... but, he still had a Casio DG20 midi guitar if I wanted it(I did want it but was too angry/dissapointed to reply)!
To console myself I like to think that the ad was a joke just to mess with people (and mess with me it did), but I don't think it was.
Serves you right for trying to exploit the guy.
man that ain't exploitation, you commie!

like you'd not sell it for a grand.
oh, come on... he probably got it in 1980-whatever at a blowout price for $100. Now, if I were to sell it to some acid freak for $1500 (which I would) that might get me sent to hell... but I'd be playing a nice Waldorf in hell.
That's fine for the 909, but WHAT ABOUT THAT BLUE TUPPERWARE / RUBBERMAID container it's sitting on!

That's vintage tupperware man! To a tupperware collector such as myself, I can't believe that may have gone for ... pennies!

That tupperware can probably hold ACID, and also INDUSTRIAL parts!
lol -

I just bought a 909 off CL for $550 a couple weeks ago.

I was gonna flip it but I think I'm starting to get attached...
Two years ago I saw a TB-303 in an Iowa pawn shop for $60. I started to buy it thinking I couldn't go wrong (I'm a guitar guy so actually was not familiar with this piece, just the 808s/909s - then thought, I can go back to the hotel and research it online so I don't get stuck... when I got back my wife felt sick and I didn't get it looked up till I got home. I called up and MIRACULOUSLY it was still there, just bought it with a card and the owner dropped it off at the UPS Store. It ended up bringing $1550 on Ebay...
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