Super-cool Fairlight CMI video on YouTube

This is a tiny, one minute long clip of someone using the 'Page R' sequencer in a Fairlight. Lots of keyboard clacking, then a very long gap as the floppy drive searches, then a cruddy-sounding sequence. Magic! More on Page R here.


Before there was Fruity loops, there was . . . slapped-together beatmaking in glorious black and white!
Does anyone else have an issue with YouTube where it loads about 5 seconds of clip then stops? Whether it's an imbedded clip or I go to the website itself, no matter how many times I refresh it. I get 10 seconds tops. It ruins the majesty that is YouTube. Any ideas?
This naff fairlight beat through a bunch of moogerfoogers would certainly be da bomb?

Why did I end that sentence with a question mark!

Hey, were did that exclamation mark come from.

Ahhh.. Too much Canadian Club!?!@#? in ma belly.

I can't believe you missed the AWESOM japanies mellotron vid's (which are at the related side bar to that fairlight vid).

check them out. the first one gets interesting in around the middle - where they play notes - and you SEE the tapes moving and retracting.

the second one is a demonstration on how to change a tape on the 'tron (+ and _ buttons are for whimps!)
Missed it?

As if...
Imagine the original sales patter:

"You, yes, You sir, can do *this* in your very own home for just fifty thousand pounds..."
oh, I should have known better.

sorry Tom for doubting you there.. feeling a little sheepish right about now... :-)
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