Plexiglass Moog Modular used on Apocalypse Now

So, what would it look like if you took a 1967 Moog Modular Series III, and re-housed all the modules in backlit plexiglass? This is one of the synths used by Don Preston, ex-Mothers of Invention, who crops up in this fantastic post about the synths used on the sountrack to Apocalypse Now. While Don's setup was cool, the real power geek on the project was Pat Gleeson, whose setup was thus: "Two single-keyboard Prophet 10's (Rev 1's) and and an Emu-modular that were tied into a performance system that also had 16 large voices on large computer-cards (although they were analog) that were in a bin (aka "Blue-box"). All of these were controlled by the Emu digital-scanning polyphonic keyboard and through a system of switches it was possible to take a specific keyboard voice and assign it to the Emu modular, either of the two Prophets or the computer-bin voices or any combination of these four." (Thanks, Micke)

Apocalypse Now's sound design is of a fantastically high standard. The godlike Walter Murch talks about it here:
- poxy real audio, sorry.

The soundtrack is also stuffed with Californian avant-hippies. In addition to the Mothers chap mentioned here, other parts of the soundtrack were done by bits of the grateful dead (most notably the drumming at the end.)
The "Blue-box" sounds like it may have been a prototype for the ill fated Audity -
not surprising on the soundtrack credits - that movie is drenched in acid
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