Nice 'things' t-shirt

Zeyd Ayoob has got lots of nice t-shirt designs on his new site, Amongst them is this lovely gear-based fantasy entitled 'Wired'. The Black Zildjian t-shirt has been essential Rock-Drummer wear for centuries and Moog t-shirts are quite a common site nowadays, even among non synth-heads, almost like the ones worn by 12 year-old girls who think that AC/DC is a Topshop brand, but this design seems to transcend the geek factor, which can only be a good thing. Anyway, I'll shut up about fashion now.

Wheee! I love this stuff! Sign me up!
Oh yeah- there's a tape drive there too- yee ha! Just dug my Vic-20 out of the basement with the orig. Adventureland cartridge......
15 pounds... What is that in US money... Like $200 or something??

I hate our president and what he has done to my exchange rate with Europe... I have to drink the cheap Absinthe now...

This blog has quite a lot of clean and clear stuff about music.

I get back here once in a while. Good Keep you the work!

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