Messe Oddities: Guitariano 'Keyboard for Guitarists'

Today and tomorrow, I'll be posting all the stranger stuff I saw at Messe, by way of a small tribute to the legendary Namm Oddities. First up is the Guitariano, an acoustic guitar apparently covered in touch membrane buttons (always popular), with switches on the neck, a bit like a Casio DG20. Judging from the demo I saw, it can make the finest guitarist sound like he's playing a Casiotone keyboard with auto rhythms. This page has an excellent selection of demo sounds and movies. The rendition of 'Honky Tonk Women' is particularly fine.

is it really the year 2006??
what the fuk were the makers thinking of??
not only does it look awful..then sounds are 80's Casio cheese!!
if they coulda link it to decent box..old roland sounds,etc..I could forgive the uglyness..but ..on the just plain SUCKS
this is the most amazing interface i have seen in a long time.
The model number is the DMV100.

It certainly looks as if it was designed by the DMV.
Supports up to three footpedals?? Where do I sign...

Can I just say... Holy Price Gouging Batman! $1,600 bucks for this piece of string cheese??

However, don't short change yourself... Check out the gallery and see the "design variations". The flames make a cheesy looking git/synth look like Belinda Bedekovic's worst LSD trip.
Damn fine GM sound set right there

Plus the demos are properly choice

and don't forget the aesthetics

Wonder If Gilmour's Purchased one yet?
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