Lots of links on a Monday

1) Here is an ancient Transit van, once used as an outside broadcast studio and still full of wiring, yours for £800. As Sean writes: "Imagine the fun you could have by filling it with some cool gear and then heading off into the sunset and spending the rest of your life driving around recording stuff in random places..."
2) Tara has a nice video of her playing with a Pro-One and two Moogerfoogers. Hunt around, and you'll find some NSFW theremin/Vox Jaguar/nudity action, but don't let that distract you from the fact that the utterly legendary Mike Walters is in her band. He's the guy who built himself a sort of Mellotron from 14 walkmans. (Thanks Alex)
3) Lost Science has spent a year building a button/light controller for a Reaktor patch he uses for playing live.
4) Discovering Electronic Music is a great documentary about synths from 1983: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. (Thanks to everyone who sent this in)
5) What Thomas Dolby plays on stage here. Got to love the midi retrofitted test equipment, built for him by this dude.
6) Did you know that Blue's Snowball USB microphones claim to be made in Latvia, but seem to really be actually made in China? (Thanks, Paul)
7) Fantastic interview with Chad Hugo from the Neptunes (c.2003), talking about their production techniques and gear in detail. Here (Thanks, Ron).
8) Great, although moderately irritating, studio tour hosted by Volker Dassler of 'Porsches on the Autobahn'. Lots of Buchla. Here. (Thanks, Jordan)
9) Ebay item #9714434236 is a very funny old Sony Discman D-88, with one extremely prominent design feature. (Thanks, Der)
10) Cruddy-looking but surprisingly functional flash-powered mixer/sequencer, sponsored by Fanta, of all people. Here (Thanks, FMass)

yo that Tara chick lives about 2 hours down the road from me

i wonder if she plays her shows in the nude too?
Yep, those moogers are the shit and put to surprisingly good use, loved the Tara Busch Music page. I remember the Mike Walter Mellowman, very cool, I guess you could put anything you want on those walkmans, the possibilities seem endless.

nice job

the moogerfoogers and the pro 1 is a great sound. far better because of who it is played by. I officially call for more hot chicks playing synth on this site!
actually on second look and a bit more research, there's some serious music going down here too. I've down loaded some tunes that are real analogue heaven for me, though the website at the end of the moogerfooger film doesn't seem to work.

I'm often more impressed by the way things are used rather than just the things themselves - I give you the theremin for example, there's nothing worse that someone using it to make silly noises, where as played well, it's a really cool instrument.
The Electronic music documentary part #3 has something hard to see on the internet now: A video of a guy actually making music with the fairlight, not only testing a few patches. And he even uses the landmark orchestra sound!
Electronic music documentary part #3.... Where have you seen it? I am searching for this since some time but don't get anything...
i popped a woody reading about the 01/W haha thanks Chad. lol

Dude also let's get real tanked and bring our synthesizers down to Tara's house one night next week and play them shits outside her window.

¡ luuvvvv yu gurl !!!


There's the part 3 of the documentary, with the guy playing a song using fairlight features...
Nothing like a little hump-day synths 'n ass action. Thanks, MT
Hello Hello!!
tara busch - first girl on mars' debut album Pilfershire Lane has now been released here:


analogue vintage synth combo organ stack'o vocal track heaven!!!
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