The Island of Electronicus

Here is a wonderful story from the early days of electronic music, concerning a former evangelist preacher turned Moog salesman, who toured the country turning people onto synths and selling loads of Minimoogs. Among other things, "He promoted the "Island of Electronicus," an artificial land mass connected by a causeway to the Florida coast, where a Moog concert was scheduled. The picture shows Bob Moog speaking at an event on the island. (via Voltage)

I did some work for David around 2000.

Nowadays one of his interests is sort of a mixture of religion and quantum physics. Interesting guy...
Van Koevering gets a goood write up in the book Analog Days.

I love the flyer copyy, "Switched on Sounds - Moog-nifiscant".
I was lucky enough to hear Bob Moog speak at a TSC Moog event in Soho London about 3 years ago, man that day will always be with me. The whole Moog story, straight from the horses mouth.


I was there! I met Bob Moog at the Island of Electronicus in the early 70's. I think that's me in the photo, second from left.

I went several times before they closed down. Each time the music got louder and louder, they must not have worn ear plugs.
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