eBay of the Day: Sega Genesis Guitar

Its eBay of the day and its a link to an item thats for sale on eBay and its a Sega Genesis guitar. What more is there to say? There is probably something more to say but I can't think of it right now. Two days left and only one bid....I'm not sure I'd bother with this even if I did have any money. If it was a bass however, now that would be a different story. I still have grandparents that I could sell to raise the cash for one of them.

The only thing it's missing is Sonic the Hedgehog inlays.
If he had made it a 9 string bass, maybe he could have sold it to Jean Baudin...
i wonder if the sega genesis is still functional.
It says the Sega is non-functional, which is probably why it isn't earning any bids. Now, that's what I'd like to see -- a guitar you can game on, or a guitar that uses a game system as its sound engine.
Reminds me of the guitar the guy from 'Megadriver' uses :P

Word Peter, in fact I would love to see a MIDI'd guitar/SID all-in-one. Do some mad video game solos on that!

that's a weird item...sega geneis guitar :)))

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