Clever experimental stuff at Tonic, NYC next Saturday

The great-sounding 'New Interfaces for Musical Expression' course at NYU is having a party at John Zorn's Tonic club on Saturday 29th March. Details here. This is the event that last year had people controlling midi signals with ping pong bats, playing a remix of Salt'n'Pepa's 'Push It'. (More about that here)

While Zorn is friendly with the owners, and has done a lot to help the club, it's not his club. Just fyi.
In my 40 years of existence I've never seen one of these "alternate controllers" that was even remotely acceptable or usable by most people nor did they produce any music that was better (most times not as good as) traditional instruments.
And thusly, we certainly should not explore any new ideas, because music has been perfected.


Seriously though, this stuff is supposed to be goofy. It's pushing what can and should be done. These aren't perfected mass-market manufactured products, they're prototypes hacked together by students in a few months.

The music is produced by the performer, by the way, not the instrument.

And there are plenty of alternate controllers that fill needs that no traditional instrument can provide.

Oh, and John Zorn's club is The Stone, just a few blocks away.
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