Brian Eno rocking the VCS3

It's so easy to think of Brian Eno as this guy who looks little like my Dad, knows a lot about perfume and DX7s and made music for Microsoft, and forget that he was a freaky-looking dude with a freaky-looking synth and a big shaggy coat in Roxy Music, playing the coolest ever synth-in-a-rock-band line on Virginia Plain, rocking that joystick on Ladytron, surrounded by reel-to-reels on Do The Strand and dressed like a bat on Remake/Remodel. (Thanks, Futureworlder)

Eno is the best! Why is he not part of MusicThing's hero section?!?
You forgot to mention Roxy Music, too.

Eno is the man - he was a driving force behind many musicians, produced for many classic synth bands like Talking Heads and Devo..

and his even his newer solo stuff is incredibly good

dude is an electronic music god, for sure
...don't forget that he is a colossal pervert to boot. 'Here come the warm jets'? That's all about golden showers.
...thinking about it, that doesn't really qualify as colossal perversion - especially not in the music business. But it's cheeky.
I believe Virginia Plain is a song title. The band is Roxy Music.
What a bunch of horseshit!
don't forget his song 'Golden Hours'

I heard he was replaced by Briam Emo. may all be surprised to learn that 'Brian Eno' is not even the man's real name. Serious. He adopted the name many years ago, as a pun on the name of, and a sort of homage to, his ultimate music hero - electronic producer Ian o'Brien. That's a fact.
I think Brian Peter George St. Jean le Baptiste de la Salle Eno might be surprised to find that out. Nice wind-up, but why even bother when the man has a real name as glorious as that.

He's royalty, Eno is.
that song made me laugh.. the singer looks like la bamba and sounds like the guy who sang "the monster mash". maybe they are the same person?

eno is great though.
Yes, before Eno was famous for doing the U2 albums he struggled with an obscure outfit called Roxy Music whose singer, Brain Fairy, paid for their equipment by recording dippy rock'n'roll novelty singles. He's currently residing in the where are they now file.
that song made me laugh.. too.and i'd like to share somebody news with you! i find very cheap mp3!!!
"the singer looks like la bamba and sounds like the guy who sang "the monster mash". maybe they are the same person?"

The singer in that video is Bryan Ferry (Roxy Music)
Monster Mash was by the Bonzo Dog Doh Dah Band. I can't remember whether it was Vivian Stanshall or Neil Innes that sang it, but it wasn't Ferry.

Both bads were great though, and Eno is a legend.

Look out for this: "...Eno's talents as a producer-curator-composer to make something new yet universal. The aim is to ‘play’ the acoustics of Bath Abbey (deploying loudspeakers within the great building)"
Wasn't 'Monster Mash' by Bobby "Boris" Pickett and the Crypt-Kickers? I know Bonzo Dog did a cover version, but I'm guessing if this guy thinks that Brian Ferry was in La Bamba, then...
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