The worst music video ever?

"I Wanna Love You Tender" by Armi & Danny (from Finland) has a certain something. Stick with it, the choreography gets better. (Thanks, Kati)

I never realised that when He-Man was Prince Adam he had a singing career.. what became of his beautiful assostant?

This one has the badest movements/choreography/dramaturgy etc.

but at least it features some vintage gear =)
I choose to believe there's an art-house / fatboy slim 'priase you' type thing going on.

It has to be, please say it has to be.

(but then again, if the entertianment value is the same, who cares?)
Not sure if it is the "worst". Don Johnston's "Heartbeat" is up there
on the contrary...I have not enjoyed a music video this much in ages. I was on the edge of my seat to see what nonsense would be done next! more!
Since I am from Finland, I feel that I need to make some excuses on part of my home country:

It's not actually a real 'music video' but rather a tv studio performance circa -76. The version sung in Finnish was major hit in Finland and of course they tried to follow Abba's path and go international with the english version. Of course it does not make it any better but please remember at leasts that we were NOT part of Societ Union at the Time. Anyway, the guy, Danny is The Tom Jones of Finland and he is still going strong and rocking exactly the same style and he is still really popular.

Armi, the girl, unfortunately is dead already. She had -some- problems with alcohol and things during the years after she parted ways with Danny and it was quite sad really.
Oh, man that was bad. Thanks! I was going to say, this is worse: carl lewis (yes the Olympian's break out video, but maybe not.
Oh and of course there is this beauty Electronik Supersonic.
Oh man, I watched the whole video. My wife agrees Tom, this is the worst video ever. I don't know thow, there is always Yatta!
My favorite part is the two women doing the "who farted?" dance.

I can't seem to find video of it online, but it greatly reminded me of THIS, except not as horrific. The singing and (line)dancing stormtroopers are so mindwarping that it shames even the "fart dance" mentioned above.
Did no-one see Brandon Trinity's video...?

personally, i think this is the worst music video ever
I bet she has a really snappin' dirt box.
I'm ashamed. 15 comments in on a topic about scary music videos and no-one's so much as mentioned Dschinghis Khan.
Did Michel Gondry direct this? It feels like 'Let Forever Be' for some reason.

that was awesome! Kind of an Abba meets Lee and Nancy sort of thing.

Seriously, there's bad and there's captivating. I enjoyed that one quite a bit.
Tom Jones of Finland? LOL!
Have you seen some music videos by Nigerians?

This is not the worst.
By Nigerian standards, this one deserves an Oscar!
This one is also bad:

And lets not forget Mr. T's audio/visual masterpiece, I pity the fool you can't get down with this:
I was just going to say the same thing as taco jack ("Did Michel Gondry direct this? It feels like 'Let Forever Be' for some reason.")

Completely reminded me of it, in a not 'nice try' sort of way. Anyway, anyone who wants to see it can do so at
Oh dear!!

ok, maybe not
To the anonymous person who posted the "I Can't Believe it's Not Booty" link, may curses fall upon your house.

Let's be honest, this is not as bat at 'Da Bears Superbowl Shuffle:
are you kidding me?this is one of the best videos ever made!!!how can you not love these guys?
This will not go on unpunished.

The Ministry of Silly Walks is doing an investigation on these people.
He wanna loves tenderly - but with this song, there's no wanna - it's a must.
I read the comments first and was watching for the "who farted?" dance. I nearly lost my shit when it turned up.
what the hell are u all talking about. Man great dialogue!!funny as hell....are yall into star wars and south park
a filmic analysis of this music video: ok, so i am convinced that this music video is based off of Grease (1978), the American music that filtered the 1950's through the lens of the 70's, albeit mainstream 70's. two examples of why this music video is based off of Grease: first, the main male and female singers are clear spin-offs of John Travolta and Olivia Newton John, and, second, the final scene of the film features the two protagonists riding off into the beyond in a car. what is so intriguing about the music video is that it is twice removed from the reality of 50's America - not only like Grease does it offer a retrospective look at American society, but further it is a cross-cultural look. which is why i think that it is so fucking weird.
This is the weirdest video i've ever seen. I agree with Annon, it's clearly a spin-off Grease.

I do not however think it's the worst video. Some Ethiopian and Sudanese music videos are really ridicules.
Danny, the guy in that horrible video has a website with some pictures from that era. There's also a cheesy In Memoriam section to the girl in the video, Armi, with additional photos of the two of them together.
amazing! just incredible movie! i wish i was good as him!
Since I am from Finland I just have to comment..

I think Armi and Danny were the biggest disaster in Finnish music scene. I just don't understand why Danny is still so popular - he has no singing skill at all. I'm puzzled.

He is really cheesy (a very accurate word to describe him), he looks like he can't accept that he's well over 50, and the only thing I can think of while looking at his pic is OMG he's Gary Glitter with double the cheesyness...

I really, really, really hate his "music" too... :P
For the first time in my life i'm embarrased to be finnish...:D but hey! We won the Eurovisions!!<3<3
Hehe! This music video is actually so bad that it's good.
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at least its better then rap/hip-hop
I'm amazed nobody has seen this!!

Danny is not finnish Tom Jones, he is finnish Johnny Holliday (french Elvis)!! Actually I played couple of gigs with Big D (that's what we call Him up here in Finlandia) few years ago…He had his black leather suit with metal things in it and 6 dancing girls around him! ;D

But I have to say he has recorded some dope stuff back in the 60's. And he was the first artist to have a "big" stage show up here with snakes, fire and everything else cool…
is it just me or the song sounds a bit like kylie minogue's "can't get you out of my head"? :P
Oh, wow. I kind of feel like facepalming over couple of the Finnish idiots commenting here. Other trying to defend Danny desperately and other saying "I really hate it too."

You two asshats make Finland look much worse than this video does!

Like someone already said, it's beautiful in its awfulness. We should be proud, (but let it be what it is, since it was done a long time ago) not try to desperately defend - or insult - it.

I personally think it's perfectly awesome. :D Danny is hairy and the coreography was ghastly, but the video makes me laugh every time I watch it.
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