When bad things happen to good gear

Perhaps inspired by the endlessly amusing Forat Customisations page, Swedish producer Förste Mördaren decided to customise his Akai MPC2000 sampler, and post the picture on the busy MPC Forums, hoping to gain 'props' from his 'homies'. But their responses to his chrome-and-pink spray job were not positive: "I threw up in my mouth a little bit", "Somebody call the cops! Thats abuse" and "Pink?! Are you female?" Förste stood his ground, claiming that it was more red than pink, and explaining himself: "I'm not a female. Förste Mördaren means 'the first killer' in Swedish." He's planning to take on an MPC4000 next... (Thanks, Roberto)

That is so unintentionally awesome. I think I died a little bit from having seen that.
It looks like a vagina
who have you been having sex with?
This is awesome. Pink is a great color for music gear.
ive been reading musicthing for a while its usually really great, but IMO this is one of the worst posts ever. It seems to be about how someone spray painted something pink, and someone else thinks that pink is a girls color. however i guess its worth it for:
"It looks like a vagina"
"who have you been having sex with?"
I actually think it looks rather nice ^_^

"worst episode ever"?

the story is that the guy got a beating from macho mpc owning types, who seem to think that unless your mpc has been modded with titanium and hummer wheels then you are some kind of limp wristed, hip-hop hating uber-homo.

which is really funny.

what makes it even funnier, is that the pink mpc owner is called "the first killer".

Does this mean Music Thing has now officially jumped the shark?
I guess putting it on ebay with the description "Owned by Bill Leeb " won't even make this horrid thing more popular
I work for Akai
and this makes me cry.

To quote Yngwie Malmsteen

"Now you have unleashed the fury!!"
"I work for akai"

Yes, Akai must really hate it when people mess up their pretty samplers: Click here and scroll down for some real horrors...
oh no, girl cooties!

bah, sexism.

i agree with the "worst post ever" (including the props to the comments).

misogyny isn't particularly funny to me.
this is fucking hilarious. don't get your panties in a wad. the funniest part is the guy didn't even want it to be pink. more red than pink? fucking priceless. its not even close to sexism, there are tons of douches that own mpc's so there are going to be a bunch of redonkulous mods.

don't be so damn sensitive. this is begging to be made fun of. i mean look at. fucking fuschia or some shit.
Another reminder that it is time to thin the herd.
looks like something Peaches would use

Pimp my sampler. Bling bling!

It's not at all bad. I kind of like it.
Looks like photoshop to me.
Tom, this is one of your BEST posts evar!

This is so funny on so many levels, including peoples' comments here. Misogyny, machismo, oversensitivity, embarrassment, shame (Akai MPC2KXL SE2 with improved 'Asthetics')...it's all here!
I agree with the "titanium and hummer wheels" poster very much. Personally, I think Kanye's Louis Vuitton pattern, for instance, is much.. I'll say, "fruitier" than this design.

And yes, Akai has done the worst things to Akai gear.
Do you see?
Do you see?
what is the gayest thing i could do to my sampler? loui? taken. hot pink? taken. maybe there could be pictures of guys having sex on it? (not that there is anything wrong with that)
ummmmm i actually like it.....
I think its purdy...
the best part is that he posted it on a mpc/hip hop forum and expected to get "props" from everybody
I'm just glad I'm not part of the MPC community...
Now,CAMOFLAUGE, or BATTLESHIP GREY; those would seem to me too uptight and anal, but HOT-pink+aluminum? To me, the latter two complement and offset each other's gender references.

And, you never know, dis 'first killer' dude's sampler might be the one that 'kills 'yo mama.' (Or Yo-Yo Ma?)
I got a factory-grey MPC !!! ain't that something special these days !
yeah, this is just great, and those people who are getting all upset need to relax. learn to laugh at life again.
All remaining MPC's deserve to be painted this colour and paraded around the streets in shame.
im 1st assassin,

1st off all, i got two mpc´s the one painted was in bad shape, i got for about 200$$.

i understand how some of you are sensitive about youre gear. you buy shit for tousands of dollars and spend all day talking about it, not knowing how to make a beat.

i make ill beats all day with a pink mpc, if you wanna have a beat battle, holla at ya boy and put your money where ur mouth is. you can find me on mpc-forums under förste mördaren
"I work for Akai
and this makes me cry."

Haven't you got something better to do... bug-fixing?
ive never been happier to look down at my greige mpc.
That's a hot mpc...

I guess the nerds posting negative comments have probably never owned a pair of SB's, either...

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