Tenori-On video on YouTube

Awakened Yeti writes: "Hey man here is a 5 minute video of the Tenori-On in action, being demonstrated by the creator, Mr. Iwai - and as you can see its pretty freaking impressive... I've lusted after one of these things since I first heard about them on your site last year or so... It definitely looks like more than just a toy, however its still probably a longshot for this thing to actually make it to market... one can only hope." (First time I've posted an embedded YouTube clip. Let me know if it works OK.)

Video works well for me!
That thing looks really hard to use, would probably be like learning a new instrument! I don't have that kinda time! I already did that!
The clip worked fine for me on a PowerBook running OS X 10.4.5.
I'm calling bullshit on this one...

apart form the 'ooh look at the pretty lights' aspects (which is pretty cool) it seems like it does nothing but offer a distracting way to set some sequence going and play some notes... well so what? It's like i'm concentrating so much on looking at all the lights that I almost forgot to use my ears.
But surely thats the point - its an alternative interface, a different way of creating music and specifically in a performance related enviroment.

I'm sure many people poo poo'd the Theremin when it was first released - indeed some still do, and I guess that is the real point - some will love it and some will hate it.

I happen to think it looks like a lot of fun, maybe it isn't a serious music making tool but it would be great in education workshops etc.

I would be interested to know if it will have midi.
it does seem like a toy. an anything sounds pretty good kind of toy.
I, for one, like all the recent controller-looking devices that use visual feedback.
brian said:
It's like i'm concentrating so much on looking at all the lights that I almost forgot to use my ears.

heh heh thats one funny comment brian!
so i presume you dont use a computer for your music? i mean shit, computers are just FULL of distracting lights & stuff, how ever could you concentrate on music??? me, i have a brain that cope with using my ears AND my eyes at the same time - its amazing i know but I think with that respect I am in the majority...

anwyay i'm just calling bullshit on your call of bullshit ;) i prefer to reserve judgement until i get to play on one... in the meantime it looks VERY intriging & if it does make it to market I hope it has wireless MIDI & a controller template for ableton LIVE - that grid of lights reminds me an awful lot of ableton's session view!?!
Looks really neat to me.
I had the opportunity to play around with one of these at LA's Siggraph convention last year. Not only do these machines have those pretty lights (and squishy buttons - it's kinda like popping bubble wrap) but the lights come in different colors. Besides the white lights in the video here, I also recall some sweet orange lights.

I messed with its sequencing features for a couple minutes and the best I can liken it to is making a melody in Reason by clicking those little read rectangles instead of using a midi controller. The interface isn't as awful as it looks; while I wasn't exactly dropping beats like on a drum machine, I did manage to make a little ditty.

Unfortunately, I did not notice any midi outs (but I could be wrong about this) so one would be limited to the cheesy built-in sounds which, while fun to play with, are probably not good for much more than just that around. I suppose it might serve as a decent portable sketchpad if you are inspired but don't have access to a sequencer.
Looks a lot like Elektroplankton on DS.
Hi Tom,

For me the clip worked real well.

I saw Iwai's products -- including Elektroplankton, by the way -- at Transmediale last fall. I, too, fell in love with them. I mentioned them in my review for Computer Music Journal and only wish I had had my blog (or yours, for that matter!) at the time so I could have made reference to it. Hope you've had fun at the Musikmesse and look forward to your remarks.
p.s., sorry, I meant saw them at the ars electronica in linz, not at transmediale. LA
I see that alot of people don't understand the point of the Tenori-on. It's not made to replace all of those piano lessons that you had to learn when you were a kid which still does not mean you know how to play at all anyways, its made to be somthing new. Don't get me wrong, IT IS A TOY - it's just a new toy... the 303 is a toy and look at how well it has done... I really don't think that the Tenori-On was made to replace anything, it was made to add somthing fun and new to the table.
If you want to say that this thing is bull go ahead- you can keep working on your "musical skills" at home with your parents.
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