The potentially very clever Sonoric Synth

At the moment it's nothing more than some nice looking renders and a half-finished website, but it's hard not to be intrigued by the Sonoric Synth. The Dutch website is full of gaps and slightly dodgy translation: "As a result of so many new technologies we are now able to create analogue synthesizers, which can be digitally programmed as well as re-programmed. Our synthesizer can be used as an analogue FM, additive, subtractive and wave table synthesizer, with the power of real analogue sound processing."
BUT, it's not inconcievable that they've built a synth using Anadigm's new programmable analog chip technology (which James at Retro Thing can explain far better than me). In which case, it would allow you to create a real analog Moog filter, then press a button and re-arrange the transistors into a real analog 303 filter. Maybe. Sort of. Of course, it's equally possible that they're talking about virtual analog, or 'from their arse'.
The synth was invented by Cris Badea, who currently works in support for a big music gear manufacturer. Anyway, I was very sceptical about the Lemur (very old link), which is now in the shops. So, if this thing ends up like a kind of Nord Modular with reprogrammable analog components, then that will be lovely, won't it?

ive been waiting for someone to take advantage of those chips in this way

finally some new analog stuff that isnt just a copy of old stuff
this reminds me of a Fender Cybertwin, for those of you who are familiar with guitar amps. whole concept of being able to reprogram the behavior, type, and even order of compontents of the amplifier, without any of that crappy sounding modeling. almost surprised there hasnt been a synth like this before.
I guess it's all math anyways.
Programmable analog?!
That's totally radical...
I'm having an increasingly hard time understanding this fanatic obsession with analogue subtractive synthesis. Given the infinite sonic potential of digital signal processing, why are so many people still totally enthralled by boxes that go "bwow"? (without relying on that cheap buzzword "warm")
Given the infinite power of digital signal processing, a lot of people are still fascinated with acoustic instruments. Often because they sound really good and are fun to play. This holds true for good analon subtractive synths as well. Newer != better, when it comes to something as fundamental as music... still, FPGA programmable analog is some hot sh*t, to be sure.
in the above comment, analon == analog, not some kinky new personal product..
One problem with building synths on a cross bar analog chip is that you cannot put capacitors on there large enough to be useful for audio.
So... it'll be like an ssm, with all the caps for a filter or whatever hanging off the side on the PCB.

Doesn't mean they can't do some damm cool stuff with it.
Looks hot.

However, I'm going to go out on a limb and say I think that I think the end user software for this thing is going to be the deciding factor for me in determining if I like it

If it's good, the fact that it's 'real' analogue will just be gravy.

Flame on! :-)

"I think that I think"

Obviously I'm far too tired to be posting right now ;-)

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