Play music on your G5's power supply

Mikey writes to let me know about System Load, a freeware utility for OSX which contains the intriguing button "Try to play a scale on the power supply". Probably not a good idea, but... anyone tried it? (He found it at Ars Technica)

I don't know about THIS program, but back in the 80s I had a program for my Commodore 64 that played "Daisy, Daisy" on the 1541 floppy drive. It was pretty cool... but boy, did I have a lot of recurring problems with that drive for some reason...

So you lot can try it out and let me know how it goes. ;)
I don't think this is quite what all of those people who claim "Macs are better for making music" mean...

This has been a long standing issue for Macs. The 9600's would occasionally blank the entire HDD's for no apparent reason.

Just more evidence that the Apple Zealots are more heart than head when they swoon over their Macs.
IMHO macs suck a cock

but there is a special group of people for whom that is a perfect situation.. and they are always looking for more to join their team
I'd like to hear some samples of someone playing a scale on a Mac PS.
This program is actually a diagnostic utility which addresses a specific problem peculiar to the PowerMac g5 line, where the power supply 'chirps' when the CPU loads. The 'problem' apparently has something to do with open resistors...or something, and while odd (and occasionally annoying) it only seems to manifest under certain graphics-intensive situations...and is pretty benign. Apple Support has avoided the issue, but it's well-known. (I know all this because I-- you guessed it-- use a G5.) I've used this utility, and it's actually pretty funny to hear the scale...though the sound is pretty faint, and way up harmonically . (The whole issue can be avoided by disabling the 'nap' function of the CPUs, though this can cause the internal temps to rise...)

As an aside, the 'fagintosh' comic is pretty funny...but I'd counter that anyone who prefers their operating system available to every piece of crap-ware and buggy code who wants to come in and squat-hump it...well, I dunno if they should be so critical. Unless you're making music on Linux, you don't have a whole lot to crow about...chirping hardware or not, I like knowing my music data is secure.
Yeti: Funny.

I'd soooo buy a pink mac.

When will they be available? :)
The comic is not done out of spite. The penny arcade guys are currently experiencing what so many have before; gear bliss. pwn u all 100% hands down...bow down when u come to my town
sorry mac "people" - i cant dignify your tripe with actual legitimate justifications as to why they arent the "master race" of computers anymore

its a complete waste of time

you will just have to be self-satisfied without it.. which shouldnt be a problem for ya
OSX is the most fluid,elegant, stable and superior GUI based OS in existance - anyone stating otherwise obviously has zero or little first hand experience of a modern OSX mac setup or rarely asks their XP to do little more than web browse or typre letters!.

This statement can be prooven in a court of law if need be.
I'm thinking of introducing a MT online swear/troll/crap spelling box for the comments, so if people have to gratuiously use words like "macs suck" or "mac roolz", then they can CLICK ON THE SWEAR/TROLL/DYSLEXIC BOX and make a donation to the charity of my choice...
A single hardware bug is reason to go on an anti-Mac rant? Dude, do you WANT me to take you down on specific Windows bugs? Just asking. We can rumble. My PC is sitting right next to my Mac, so I can send screenshots if you like.

Anyway, yeah, I also have a G5 and had noticed that chirp. It sort of saves having to keep your CPU meter open. ;-)

It's very subtle; not a deal killer. The fans are much louder when they kick in -- that's more likely to kill your recording than anything else.

Now I'm going to go try and see if I can record a melody. Let's see, maybe get some mics inside the case . . . hmmm . . .
Oh, and suggestion, Tom -- the donation box can then fund the music blogosphere drinking game. Specific rules TBD.
I used PCs from the age of 13 to the age of 21. Then I bought a PowerBook. In three years, I haven't once regretted the switch.
Many years ago I was a photo editor. We all used Macs & loved them. Then work got a PC on the advice of Adobe because you could use this incredible thing called 'virtual memory' so Photoshop didn't keep grinding to a halt on big jobs. And it had 2 mouse buttons.

To a man, we refused to use it. For Months. We simply REFUSED to believe that a PC could be as good, let alone better, for a graphics job. Because, *drum roll please*

"Macs are better for graphics"

Sound familiar?
(these days I use both...)
what planet are you xp tools on? osx is superb...we have both platforms here, and its hard to even want to use the pc....of course, if you like macs your a 'zealot' but if you like wndows you;re a wha? a boiled potato
man, in hopefully 1 month ill switch to osx and i already know, that i will never ever regret that decision. not even the decision of spending 5000 bugs for a cpu..
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