"Owned by Bill Leeb" - The Movie

My post a few weeks back about Bill Leeb (Front Line Assembly guy using his 'fame' to promote his synths on the 'bay, also buying a lot of Jilly Cooper novels) prompted an almost unprecedented stream of comments, ranging from unnecessarily rude suggestions about his age to an appearance by Mrs Bill Leeb confessing that she's the Jilly Cooper fan. So I'm delighted to present this short movie, a delightful subtitled Japanese tribute to Bill's superstardom, hosted on some weird flash movie site that's not YouTube or Google. And, in the interests of fairness, here is Bill himself, emoting in a FLA music video. (Thanks, Anonymous Donor)

That movie is just some Japanese commercial with the subtitles stuck on.
I think Bill Leeb slipped something in my drink, and owned my ass!
OMG look what I started!

Jason D
I DJ'd an industrial nightclub in chicago (Exit), and never once did I get a FLA request.

Jason D
Can a Bill Leeb fansite be on the way?

Many of the semi-famous have them.
If that's not the fucking funniest thing i've seen yet- aside from seeing fla playing the disco song, "rollercoaster"- with bill singing during a soundcheck.
To Jason D- there isnt anything much better to play than trax off Millennium- i hope you play fla regardless of whether you get any requests or not. :)
Also to Jason D: don't sweat having never had an FLA request at Exit. All the Industrial fans were hanging out over at Metro/Smartbar. <*duckflee*>

Seriously, however, I have indeed heard FLA coming across the speakers at Exit, although we're talking about years ago when it was over on Wells Street. Haven't been in there more than a handful of times since it moved over to North Ave though, so it sounds like things have changed somewhat...
that is... remarkable.
I always thought Exit was a Gaybar.

If I know it was industrial, I would have stopped in.
more Leeb bashers... iD3o3
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