The New Moog: Yes, it's really called Little Phatty

So here it is. Moog's new synth is called Little Phatty (although Moogfans aren't convinced), and it costs $1475. The spec (which you can read here), has been chewed over by every pundit on every forum, but what's new today is what it looks like and how it works. There's a hires image to pour over here. Some back story from the Moog boss here (seems the whole think was Turnkey's idea...)
Reasons to love:
1) Cool blue buttons. Press a button, turn a knob, sounds like it should be OK. It's not like it's a DX7.
2) There's a button marked 'Overload' under the filter knob
3) It doesn't have a "shift" button. Every parameter is one push, and one knob turn. Genius!
4) It looks a little bit like a Synclavier
5) It's a Moog, and it's made in America, possibly by people with beards.
Reasons to not love:
1) $1475! $1475! $1475! You can go to eBay and buy a Moog Source, a Moog Prodigy and a Moog-built Realistic MG-1 for the price. They don't have MIDI and 100 programs, but there's three of them.
2) It's hardly knobtacular.
3) It's called 'Little Phatty'.
4) It doesn't come with guitar strap buttons, so you'll have to screw them on yourself.
5) Not sure about the curvy aluminium back, but I think all synths should look like 1940s laboratory test equipment, unless they're white.
UPDATE: Here it is on sale for $1,375 at Analog Haven...

amazing - the moog forum comments are even more self-referential, pompous and inward looking than music thing's.
I wonder what it'll cost in UK pounds?

Or will it be like guitars? Same number of pounds in the UK as dollars in the States (i.e. we in the UK pay double).

No offense intended, but I prefer the original Moog logo to the signature logo.

Logos notwithstanding, I think this machine is overpriced, especially when pitted against something like the very knobby DSI Mono Evolver Keyboard.
i wish the moog people the best but I have to admit the first thing I thought was that ---yes, the DSI MEK was a far better option and that this is just too compromised and stylized an instrument to be good for anything but label-whoring. In fairness, I did listen to the Sonic State link /vid and the for what it's worth the LP sounds like a good-but-nothing special monosynth. Check out Dave Smith---he even returns calls personally!!!!!!!!
Just for the record, it's 'pore' not 'pour'.
I love the site, I'm just a bit pedantic!
no, it's 'pour'
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