The New Moog: Latest clues

Here's the latest clue to the new Moog synth. Yes, those look a hell of a lot like wooden end panels for some kind of slope-fronted synth. All of the wilder speculation (i.e: it's a modular, it's a moogerfooger, it's foot-pedals, it's a strap-on, it's a drum machine) has been laid to rest by this post on Sound On Sound, announcing that "the keyboard" will actually be unveiled on Friday 24th March in London at a special Moog event. Moog are now denying that the keyboard will be at the London show, although I'm sure it will be cool, along with the Moog Tribute Show in St Giles church just around the corner on Saturday 25th.

I see that shape as a keytar-esque silhouette.
yes, I'm still on the "it's hip" thing.
Mainly because I notice something informative about that picture of Brian Kehew (who will "have the keyboard with him") . Something in that picture shouts 'brian likes handheld instruments', brian is a guitarist it seems - a guitarist who has his guitar connected to a moog. Hmmmm.

I am feeling pretty confident on this one.
Something polyphonic. I'm feeling extremely confident too. And broke, unfortunately, so it doesn't really matter right now at all.
Wow. They've gone and created a line of vintage Moog wood-end panels, and included glue so you can affix them to any synth (even Digital ones), to increase their ebay reseale value.
looks like the star trek logo, hopefully its a piece of drift wood you bang on your voyager to make the sound go crraazzzyyy
the curves in those panels are looking too fanciful to be affordable. the prodigy panels are much simpler.
The greatest surprise would be that it were affordable. Moog stuff is very well built and sounds huge, but it's usually too expensive for what it does.
interesting post on sonic state:

- Look for a software based polysynth..think Arturia Minimoog V..with knobs and keys..LED's to compete with Dave Smith's PEK-MEK..Arturia has a relationship with Moog already and it won't be moogs first joint venture..(piano bar)
I'm about to launch a one person backlash against Moog. This ad campaign is torturous, to say the least. I wish someone would post a grainy cameraphone pic so that we could all collectively murmur "Oh, thank God. A keyboard synth that's just slightly too expensive for me to sneak onto next month's Visa without my wife noticing."
"Oh, thank God. A keyboard synth that's just slightly too expensive for me to sneak onto next month's Visa without my wife noticing."

boomerangs and hip, hmm. so they are gonna bring an old model back? or the synth will be shaped like a boomerang and there are special hip controls?
honestly, heres my best guess, its a neptunes promoted what they did with the micro korg further proof,
looks like it'll be a miniature fixed-slope-fronted voyager-style keyboard synth.
Word from the inside is that it's a digital remake of the Polymoog. I sure hope not!
it might be cool to see something that would compete with the nord electro. that would be a stupid thing to do. nevermind.
bloody fantastic
It will be a Mini Keyboard, a'la
MicroKorg, with the control surface
a bit like a Behringer BCR-2000.

It will most likely be a VA but
possibly a 1 or 2 VCO real analogue.

It will have extensive MIDI capability
and USB and all that.

I bet it will be massed produced in
Shenzen like everything else these days and price will come in below USD1000.

I am making all this up, of course.

I'm beginning to really not care...
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