Moog's new product: The first image!

Speculation about Moog's new product has officially passed fever pitch, and is rapidly approaching ultrasonic levels. They just posted this image, along with the peculiar phrase "showcasing our "hip" new product" and a promise of more clues to come. So...
1) It's an aerial view of the Moog Tower Casino and Resort™, due to open in Las Vegas in 2007: 2,000 'discrete' rooms, with the gravity-defying LadderFilter™ rollercoaster.
2) Inspired by their new boss' spooky past, it's a real, life-sized UFO, destined to change personal transport for ever.
3) That's the scroll wheel on the iPod Moog, a limited editon iPod with wooden side panels.
4) Oh, hang on, it's a Moog knob surrounded by a ring of LEDs. So, they're going to launch a little mono analog synth with 4-5 knobs to control everything. It will be everything that a MicroKorg pretends to be, down to the skinny wood panels, but 4-6 times more expensive. Cool!
What do you think it is?

It could be a polymoog
Maybe moog is following the trend
Apple started with announcements for new products that just aren't what we expected.
that would really tick us off.
I'm really hoping it's your final guess... a cheaper Moog. It would be excellent to have something smaller and more affordable than the Voyager as an option, in terms of a new Moog. I would be most excited to buy a remake of The Source, though... so I may be in the minority.
Yes, it's an affordable analogue monosynth.
a remake of the source wouldn't be so bad. as long as they ditched the membrane switches. i think a microkorg competitor wouldn't be far off. clearly it is really a new type of new ball bearing interface.
given that moog have actually said this is a HIP new product, i think that it will be a musical prosthetic hip.

later on, moog will develop other musical limbs and body parts. eventually you will be able to buy and create your own moog man or woman.

unfortunately, these moog men and women will have fully operative, voltage controlled reproductive “organs”. once this happens it is just a matter of time before they rise up and take over the world.

in summary:

new moog product = end of humanity.
I was going to say something else, but yeah ok, a fat moog woman why not. Acutally I don't care, just so long as it's not another stupid theremin.
I wish I could make myself believe it would be a super cheap and squaky moog monosynth...but the moog of the last 10 years has not shown much interest in making "interesting" or "new" things-mostly just reproductions and a million different editions of every item. They're a small company, and it's going to be extremely expensive for them to retool their small facilities to make anything different.
Can I just say I would immediately buy a wood-paneled Moog iPod? Because I would.
told ya i was right.
Well the lasst big product line was "Minimoog Voyager," so if they continue along those lines, maybe they'll continue to update classic synths and append their monikers with names of other famous man-made satellites.

Polymoog Pioneer?

Memorymoog Mariner?

/got nuthin'
And by satellites I meant deep-space probes.

Or maybe... other Star Trek spinoffs?

Polymoog Enterprise?

Memorymoog the Next Generation?

/REALLY got nuthin' now
What else would you have on your HIP, but keytar? Yeah!!!! RAWK!!!!
i am totally voting for the keytar now. i am a sucker for cheesy ass puns.
It kinda looks like Raymond Scott's Circle Machine.

just kidding.

90% chance = affordable monosynth
10% chance = polyphonic voyager in the form of individual voice cards in a frame with a power supply.
From the picture, it could easily be a knockoff of a Little Infinite Frequency Expander:

I'd buy one...
interesting to note that moog have chosen frankfurt as the unveiling. presumably because they missed the deadlines for the other big ones.

i seem to remember music thing's very own Tom will be going to franfurt so i will expect nothing less than full on cutting edge reporting of the unveiling.
i really like the description of 'moog-man' and 'moog-woman'. great!

Moog sampler. Hip?

IT? virus ti.
Agreed about not wanting a membrane on a Source reissue, unless it's just a membrane to keep dust out of real buttons underneath. I love that endless wheel, though. Love it.
How about an astral synthesizer. Which uses extremely slow LFO's based on the orbits of the planets.

Each user would dial in their birth dayte, and create their own BIO RHYTHM.

HAH HA HA. ooho. i kill me.
ooh ya, and

Once you were in TUNE with the synth, you could turn up the FATNESS knob to gain or loose weight -- this is the link to the Diet Craze. Bob Moog and Atkins must have worked together on this one...
"in collaboration with the Salem, MA location of Parker Brothers the New Moog synth will be part minimoog and Ouija board. Now you can get Bob to join in, just one last time."
New Moog Liberation type strap on, is and always has been my vote.
could be Moog's version of the FR Revolution.
You guys are horrible at interpreting puns. This Hip obviously stands for something about hip hop. My guess: A moog drum machine with scratch pad.
You guys are horrible at interpreting puns. This Hip obviously stands for something about hip hop. My guess: A moog drum machine with scratch pad.
wow that would suck a dick

what would be next, moog autotune?
obviously it is a knob surrounded by a circle of leds, which is gay.
Homo knob-ring? ;)
Homo knob-ring?

It's the new Moog RING MUSCLE
Moog sphincter? with patented Moog Lube? (tm)

looks like Moog wants to join the party with all the other assholes
I'm thinking of introducing a MT online swear box for the comments, so if people have to gratuiously use words like "anal" or "lube" or "macs suck", then they can CLICK ON THE SWEAR BOX and make a donation to the charity of my choice...
So start saving, Yeti...
all these gay comments about the LED ring are starting to piss of the Gay readers or of this blog...

listen homo-phobes. its a monophonic analogue MOOG Cock-ring.

now you can keep it up all night AND get to make amazing beastly synth noises while having sex with your partner!

slogan: "Playing the skin flute has a whole new sound!"
you know you will be shelling it out if you want to get one, by the looks of that knob. why would i need led's to tell me where the knob is? why not a fucking notch or something less spensive?
Oh my god. A moog ipod? With the old logo and wooden side panels? Ships with the craziest of the crazy moog albums pre-installed. Oh my. OH MY GOD I just wet myself. Yeah I could go me one of those. Who gives a toss about U2 ipods. Why don't people make things you really want?
let's face it, the majority of people out there just aren't as cool as we are. moog ipod would obviously be sick. so would having knobs on my cell phone with a synth rom or something like that for that matter. you could set up a preset for you ring and then tweak it in real time when it rings and get crazy looks. it's ok though, cause you are much cooler than they. they will never understand.
totally - anon people are the coolest

way cooler than anyone else - they are totally, like, radical and cool to the extreme

(btw, tom - never pegged you as a fan of censorship... you penny loafer wearin son of a bitch)

FUCK CENSORSHIP!! look at me, im a fucking cool guy just like the anons

damn, i forgot to mention gay cock suckers in there so i could fit in with them... SHIT!
Yes! How about the 2600, three oscillators for your ringtone, semi-modular in design using miniplugs, I'd also add a spring reverb, controllable in realtime by shaking the phone. So when your phone 'rings'/does it's thing, you're tweaking the knobs,frantically patching new connections to suit the moment, all the while shaking the device violently for spring madness. Yes.

Not forgetting a vocoder interface, I'd like to be able to talk or sing to my girlfriend in a Herbie Hancock Senheiser style vocoder voice. Romantic. And when I get mad, I can switch to something like the Cylons to show I mean business.

I need to lie down.
maybe they just selling the knobs... you can put them on other synths to make them look vintage and hip... Next year, they'll unveil stickers that simulate wood panels.
..then I'd like to pre-order two panels for my iPod please.
well its all about looking hip (and vintage is hip)

as long as you appear a certain way, you ARE that way!! its a law of physics! scientists tell us that our observations create neutrinos of quantum bad-ass-ness that surround us in a completely bitchin kind of world system where we each remain king supreme at the very top, affecting every other sub-atomic molecule in existence!!


and you know it has to be because Im cool and hip and a bad ass and a complete asshole just like everyone else!! we are all in this together!! we are fucking cool guys!! just like the scientists!

jesus, we rock - i think im starting to get you guys fascination with gay cock sucking now.. who can resist the dick when its so BIG and JUICY!!

oh yeh, baby - all night long, forever and eternally - sleep is for mortals, fuck that shit .. wait! we can FUCK our SHIT!! damn, yes! praise our shit!! aieieieieieieie!!!
Oh leave it out man, what are you smoking? Just so I don't accidentally buy any. This place is about gear porn, not regular porn. There are a gazillion sites for that kind of caper. Go join their party.
i used to think yeti was sort of funny. now you are just a fucking dickhead.
If anyone is thinking likewise I repeat DO NOT FEED THE TROLLS - if you don't know what this means read this and understand..
i used to think anons were cool guys... AND I STILL DO!!

luv ya, anons - you make the world go round

"pretty, pretty, fresh little anons, so pink and juicy, la la la"
back on topic here...

if there is anyone who, like me, has lusted after the Nord Lead3 interface AND loves analog I think we may be VERY excited by this new Moog product.

I'm imagining a nice efficient MOOG ROGUE type of synth but with MIDI and writable patches. And most importantly... loads of infinitely turning knobs with LEDs to point the way.

Here's hopin'
endless knobs on a real analog synth would be fuckin killer

now, lets hear it from the haters
Nah, you're all wrong! It'll be the worlds first Moog rompler. It will feature two transpose buttons and one rotary knob with leds on the panel to choose from the 128 warm, fat, analogish sounding GM presets.
It'll cost you about 4k (plus 500 for the wallward with wooden panels) and will add serious Moog cred and hipness to any polka studio.

ps: Yeah we anons kick serious ass when it comes to coolness!
I think moog are releasing copies of behringers BCR 2000 remote.

It will look identical but the end cheeks will be woood painted to look like plastic..
goddamn, they dont dissapoint!

anons forever!!!!!
"if there is anyone who, like me, has lusted after the Nord Lead3 interface AND loves analog I think we may be VERY excited by this new Moog product."


I love my Nord Lead 3. Best interface on any synth hands down.

First thing I thought of when I saw the picture was, wow they are going to give this moog some cool nord features.. Smart move.
there's nothing wrong with regular "end-ful" knobs/pots with LED preset indicators... as long as the knobs have pass-thru, jumpless editing when turned, they don't even have to be the endless kind. There's something nice about the feel of a regular analog knob, where you know that a given position == a given value. call me old fashioned... the LED indicators are cool though, no doubt
what "end-ful" knobs have pass-thru jumpless editing?

are you talking about a particular synth? give an example
the "Sage" from BAHN for example ;)
An Ondes Martenot. And it will cost $19000.
what's so bad about the microKORG?
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