Messe: What's on the Behringer photocopier this month?

Remember those USB guitars that everyone was talking about at the end of last year (like this one and this one)? Well, Behringer obviously did, and as is now traditional, they've been 'inspired' to create their own version. The iAxe 393 comes in white or black with a USB audio out and a bundle of stompbox/modelling software. For just £93. They're also showing off this rather tasty white version of their deservedly popular BCF2000 knob box in shiny white, which should go nicely with your mac. The Swiss product guy I spoke to didn't seem certain if this was actually going on sale, but if people like it, I'm sure it will.

Gross. I can understand people buying Behringer effects and mics but an actual instrument? That's obscene.
It'll be a re-badged jobbie. They're hardly going to build their own guitars.

Anyway, who cares? At that price, you'd be daft NOT to try one out.
Exactly - I could easily see tearing the USB guts out of this and putting it into a decent guitar. How hard can it really be? (famous last words)
I've had a bunch of Behringer stuff over the years. Good value for money. Always pleased.

I also have some price no object stuff. It's not as good value for money. Also pleasing.

Too many complainers. Go live in a poor country for a while and get Malaria.
"It'll be a re-badged jobbie. They're hardly going to build their own guitars."

At risk of sounding like a smartarse, it's actually the opposite. On the Behringer stand were a whole range of knockoff guitars (including one, I shit you not, with 'Telly' written on the headstock) The Swiss chap I spoke to said that they were going to be strictly OEM - i.e. Behringer manufacturing cheap guitars and selling them under other people's brand names.
That said, there must have been 50+ stalls from companies called things like Xhiang Jong Musical Instrument and Sporting Goods Company with a full range of cheapo guitars.
Behringer are actually working on a clone of BT for next year's line.
"Anyway, who cares? At that price, you'd be daft NOT to try one out."

Yeah, I agree. Who cares if the actual guitar has any tone whatsoever. It's got distortion in it!
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