Messe: The new MPC for your computer

If, like me, you've been kept awake at night wondering why Turnkey are selling those old Akai MPD16 MIDI drum pads for £79.99, here's your answer... The MPD24 is a new Akai midi box with 16 MPC-style drum pads, 6 faders, 8 knobs, MPC-style (i.e small) transport controls and a CD of classic drum machine samples. No price yet, but I'd love to see how this works with the wonderful Guru software beatbox. But what's up with the horrible shiny silver cheapo plastic finish? You don't see them using that on a £500 hardware drum machine, but they seem to think it's OK for something plugged into your computer. Product page (in German)

I've been wondering about the whole Turnkey selling MPD16s for £79 too. I work for a small independent music gear retailer, and we get royally shafted every time Turnkey drops the price (often to below what the trade price is) and we're expected to price-match, thus making a loss on every unit sold.

Fair play to Turnkey - they've worked out an efficient way of shifting a hell of a lot of units. But please, I beg you, support your local shop!
Not quite an on-topic question here, but ... Isn't the appeal w/ the MPC series half about the pads and half how an MPC supposedly adds extra oomph/compression to the samples?

I've actually never spent more than a few minutes playing an MPC (farewell, my hip-hop cred), but that's the mythology.
i dunno about the oomph but the MPC's timing is 'tighter' and less sluggish and that's part of the reputation.
Yeah I think the MPC "mystique" comes from it's timing correct and swing. But sample coming out of hardware samplers like the mpc's, S950, SP1200 and ASR-10's do have something speical.
it looks crap. like most Akai products.

IMO re: an MPC 2000 adding compression or oomphness to samples, now that is complete rubbish. the MPC2000 has the same audio engine and converters as the S2000 which is a real turkey (have you tried to max the resonance setting, yuk, awful filters)...

however, if we're talking 12 bits samplers like the 60 or the 1200, that's another story..
oh god, i'd forgotten about my S2000, thanks a lot.

Yeah this pad-thing dos look cheap as ballz. I can't believe they didn't use Blue LEDs to complete the Silver USB device trifecta.
English Product Page:
The only thing I like about this product is the dig Akai have at M-Audio on there home page... "At Akai, We set the standards for drum pad controllers, while others just gave you the finger"
Hi, I've been using my MPD24 for about a week now, and have to say that its pretty dam cool!

I've posted a review with lots of detailed photos, if anyones interested in a close look at the MPD24.

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