Messe: Cheap new filter and sequencer from MFB

Gearjunkies get the scoop on two new products from MFB, both cheap, interesting, and probably hard to find outside Germany - The first is Step 64, a €250 analog-style sequencer with MIDI and CV/Gate outputs (perfect if you're hoping to pick up a new analog synth). The second is the truly knobtacular Multifilter, a €480 analog filter with bells, whistles, LFOs and a step sequencer built in. If you're wondering who MFB are, this might help.

mfb stuff is great, if they just made it look cool i'd think about buying it.
Of course, if you lack the extra Euros, there's always your computer and

BigSeq weighs less, too.
I hope "knobtacular" makes it into the OED.
where oh where can you buy these things online or in the US??????????
Just FYI, I've contacted MFB about Step64 cv/gate specs, they say:

"gate can be 5 or 10 volts, CV is 1volt/octave."

I'm planning to use it with a MS20, so still need to know if it supports S-Trig.

With Korg SQ10 costing 450 to 550 Euro these days, it could be a nice cheap alternative.
I think their stuff does look cool. I really like it.
The MFB stuff is available at Thomann:

I find them great for ordering in the UK - they're often cheaper than UK shops (even allowing for postage costs) and delivery is fast. They even send you a text when your order is dispatched!
would they have an EU power supply?
The Gear Junkies site says that they run on external power supplies. I imagine it'd be easy to find a suitable UK-friendly PSU to replace the Euro one, unless they've decided to use something unique (unlikely at that price point).

Email them and check
Just got one. The english language manual sheet for this thing is pretty baffling. Can anyone point to some documentation?

BTW, it's smaller than it looks in photos. I really like the feel and design.
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