Messe: The Big Red Mungo Sync Button

After six hours trudging, my favourite room at Messe is "Forte", a huge hall full of dozens of pianos, talented-looking young Chinese men bashing out symphonies and elderly German chaps with jackets over their shoulders playing harpsichords. My second favourite bit is the wonderful Superbooth, hosted by Berlin Synth shop Schneiders Buero, which is where all the cool people building boutique synths hang out - from Doepfer to the hilarious Wretch Machine tube synth to Ken Macbeth to the fantastically boutique Signal Arts sequencer and lots of other cool stuff. My favourite new product is the Mungo Sync - a big red industrial button on top of a little metal box. Bash the button, and it re-synchronises the MIDI clock and Din Sync signals. I'm not exactly sure how it works, but it's a perfect piece of product design, and I'm sure I need one for something.

i have one of Mungo's sync units retrofitted into my opcode studio 3. it is amazing for live use. so much so im looking to get him to retrofit all 6 outputs with these chips.

i use an MPC2000xl as master and have out SU700 on the modded output. it allows us to stop the SU load a new song and then start it in perfect sync. everyone who plays live will need one of these!
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