Messe: Behringer products are not disposable

While skulking around the Behringer booth, I noticed that their cheap microphones now sport these helpful stickers, reminding customers not to throw them in the bin. Thanks!

well it is a pritty easy mistake to make an all.
This is the EU Electronic Waste Directive - when equipment's no longer useful, return it to the manufacturer, and it's their problem to sort out disposal [as I understand it]
The same lovely logo is silk-screened onto the back of my cheapo MP3 player, in case I'm walking past a wheelie bin and get confused.
Well, it's like batteries. You shouldn't but I always throw them at children.
whatever happened to the MM1000 ?

for some reason that got me more excited than a bunch of guitar amps.
Is that what those stickers mean? I thought it was some kind of warranty void if opened kind of warning.

They are on their cheap guitar pedals, too, which incidentally are as crappy as you would imagine but are also excellent for circuit-bending.
Sansamp Bass Driver + Boss Bass Overdrive = £280. Sound great.

Behringer BDI20 + Behringer Bass Overdrive = £45. Sound great.

Works for me.
That same logo is on Roland V-Drums these days.
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