Megaphone Helmets & the astonishing power of blogs

A week ago, Richard mailed me about some funny hats he'd seen on eBay, and I wrote this post about them, which Mark at Boing Boing kindly linked to. Today, the auction finished. The pair of hats, which had failed to get a starting bid of £45 when Richard spotted them, sold for £820. That's $1,434, and the winning bidder has a feedback score of 119.

Got to be shitting me! I would have paid a good $200 for these, but $2,000???
Ya. That's too bad. I was prepared to go up to 500 bucks USD. These are sooo cute. Arrr.
That is kind of absurd. I hope they're paying for the history, and not just the hats. I could vacuum form decent plastic replicas for ~$250, and perfect ones for ~$750, and they'd be more comfortable, and have built in ring modulators.
Um....I've got an '89 Toyota that I'd like to sell. Can you help me get a couple extra thousand for it?
hey, if i put a megaphone in my 98 olds intrigue, would you post it on your site and then get me an extra few grand for it. Ill even throw in a yamaha tx81z in the trunk!

i'll give ya a cut!
ok here is the deal. i got a small truck i need to sell soonish. if i were to convert it into a Jamaican sound system and you put it up, the price should tripple, and you get 20 percent.
it already has new brakes, we can't lose!
With all this used converted auto interest could there be a future for "Auto Music Thing" Blog?

an information source for everything in excentric music gear automobile hybrids!
it would probably get pulled into the realm of mini-truckin' or some shit with ground-fx and the like
but if not, it would be great.
ring mod megaphone helmets!!! ring mod megaphone helmets!!!
there's clearly a lot of stupid people on ebay with way too much money (i maybe the former, but am definitely not the latter!). one person will pay 40 for a tx-81z, while someone else will pay 80 for one finishing just an hour sooner. a little overt promotion seems to have only quadrupled the actual (i.e. not crazed price.) sigh.
Did anyone notice who one of the high bidders was???!!!?!?
Umm, Bill Leeb?
maybe he will try to flip it, but give it the "owned by Bill Leeb" certificate of authenticity
ev, ofis, mutfak, & mobilya dekorasyon rehberi
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