Lots of links on a grey Tuesday morning

1) Condoleezza Rice presented with a tiny 10-string guitar in Bolivia. The green inlay is coca leaf - apparently it never made it onto the plane home. here. (Thanks, everyone who sent this in)
2) Play your iPod through your acoustic guitar with iCoustic.
3) The excellent Cybersonica festival in London is looking for new "work in the field of new musical interaction and devices" here.
4) The awesome and vast Zeit hardware sequencer, named after a Tangerine Dream album, obviously.
5) Crazy chinese singing lady Wing - be sure to check out her version of 'Back in Black' here. (Thanks Colin)
6) Dude tries to sell .wav file of some electronic music he's made for $5,000: eBay item #4851019722. Good luck! (Thanks, Jonathan)
7) Moog's amazing but unfinished, Eaton-Moog Multiple-Touch-Sensitive Keyboard here (Thanks, Wilbur and Bonefish Sam)
8) YouTube video of the guts of a Mellotron Part 1, Part 2.
9) Robot Theremin Band at SXSW (Thanks, Theremin World)
10) Pictures of synths rendered in a trippy manner here (thanks, Pål)
11) YouTube goodness: Guy noodling on a Synthesizers.com modular and a Space Echo, here. Dude multitracks himself playing 37 tracks of cello here (very reminiscent of Multiple Sidosis). Demonstration of the EML Polybox, which turned mono synths into poly synths here. (Thanks, Tim, Matrix, Benoit)
12) A Soundlab Mini Synth in a nice box here (thanks Frederic)

Tiny 10-string guitar? That'll be a charango.
damn. That guy beat me to my clever-glogs comment.
You can listen to an MP3 of that $5000 wav file too... for free.

am I the only one that thinks that iCoustic thing is sort of a joke? I mean, did anyone look at the video?

yeah "feeling" the music in your hands helps a lot.
find some people to play with, not your ipod.
Finding what music people loves on eBay? Snipe them out by using this software -- only for limited time.
Escuse me Mr. president, but is that a guitar in your nose?
Two things. In a fact, that´s a charango. And in the second place, that picture is from Chile, not Bolivia. Evo and the black-chick-sucking-Bush-tiny-dick were attending Michele Bachelet's -the first female president for Chile - ascension to power.
Wow, how many ex-coca farmers did Bachelet have to service to get to her Chilean 'ascension' anyway los jaivas?

It's a vast-socialist-wing canard, man. fight the power.
That iCoustic TV video is pretty old - I saw them at NAMM in January and what they've done with that little Martin if incredible! You really have to see it/hear it in person. The videos just don't do it justice IMO.
nice guitar
did anyone check out wing's: Suspicious Minds Electronic (3:28)

sounds pretty far out to me, i might have to get a membership
Condi is a classically trained pianist who could wipe most of you to the floor with how well she can play. As for that guitar, it's nothing to snort about.
Thanks - I'd heard Condi was some kind of musician, but couldn't find what she played.
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