Live remix machine with human beatbox interface

Scrambled Hackz is an extraordinary piece of software which analyses any audio input (particularly singing or human beatboxing), and crudely recreates it using clips from another piece of music (it uses videos as a source, so the video clips are remixed at the same time). It's like an instant live remix, with a microphone as an interface. It's hard to explain, but creator Sven K├Ânig does it very well in this splendid promotional video (unfortunately a rather slow download). Sven has used the software as an instrument for live performance, but also as a very funny art installation, which lets people sing into a microphone and watch their singing recreated (sort of) by MC Hammer. The software itself isn't yet available for download, but will be soon. Another cool project by Sven is Appropriate, also a video remixing thing. (Thanks, Marcus)
UPDATE: The video is now on YouTube (also here)


He says it's written in c++, Python and PureData ... I got 'em all and have been waiting for something to unleash 'em on. (And I'm too lazy to start from scratch.)

So when it's available for download, post another update.

That's awesome. Could become a useful tool for "VJs" (ugh) too I suppose - even more intuitive than the Kaoss Entrancer and things like that.
The future of Mashup is here.

Amazing stuff!

The potential for this thing is incredible. Get someone like Killer Kella one one quick!
This is totally mind-blowing. Awesome.
It reminds me of that book by William Gibson where there's bunch of rastafarians living in a space station and they have this recombinant dub music floating around - it just created itself without human intervention. Similarly you could take the output from this system, feed it back into the system (perhaps with a bit of signal processing at the input point so as to vary the signal a little) and it could play new music forever.
Very fcuking cool! The video side of things is just a bonus. I'm more excited by the audio aspect of it.
if you find this interesting, you might be interested in the bbcut object for supercollider, this guy ( Nick Collins is doing some pretty cool stuff with it, i've seen him demonstrate it and it really does work very effectivly in a live situation, if you can get your head around supercollider that is...
Interesting concept.

Now what I really would like would be a similar interface to an analog synth, so that I could make synth sounds with my mouth and have them recreated electronically by analyzing pitch, envelope and spectrum to control the vco, vca and vcf.

Excellent preentation style and implementation. Great fun!

A new type of synthesis for sure. "Fringement Synthesis"
Look up concatenative synthesis. Then think about applying a break beat to the result. don't be overawed.
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