Japanese government release list of vintage music gear

Jun writes: "So the Japanese government has changed its mind again and now we have the world first vintage musical instruments list certified by the government in Japan." He's talking about equipment which (presumably) is excempt PSE law which bans the resale of old electronics gear. The 34-page full list is here (it's a PDF link, and you might need to download a japanese language pack for acrobat). Obviousy, it's a strange list. A Speak and Spell is on there, but the EMS Synthi (which has a power output on the front panel making it not strictly legal to resell in the UK) isn't. The Waldorf Pulse is missing, but the Analogue Systems FB-3MkII is there.
Jun continues: "The list is to be updated as the government find any other valuable "vintage" instruments. Personally I'm really sick of this stupid law and the government..." exciting Previously...

Interesting, there's an awful lot of stuff missing on that list eg. Roland S-10, S-20, S-50, S770, W30 Ensoniq esq 1, Korg O3r etc.etc.etc.
My W30 had some kind of shielding fault causing it give a barely noticeable shock when touching the enclosure, and enormous amounts of mains hum when connecting it to certain other equipment... Yay, one of thousands that is unsafe for real!
What the ---?

Most of the gear on that list is new. Aside from some older gear from current big makers, and a fairly broad definition of old Moog gear, they seem to have missed not just some but MOST vintage equipment. Not only EMS but Buchla, ARP (no 2500/2600), Electrocomp etc., etc. -- it's like a who's who of classic instruments NOT on the list. The model sampling looks random, like they found a website and copied it down from there. I think synthmuseum.com has more entries. And why NEW Behringer gear, etc.?
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