Fine sheep-based online sequencer

Don't do any work today. Plug in your headphone and play with Sheeps Get Their Grooves On, a splendid very simple flash sequencer created by Harvard student Rebecca Nesson. It sent me scurrying off to Ableton Live to try to make slightly wonky reggae loops. (Thanks Martin!)

That is insanely awesome
this is the best sequencer i have ever used, do they make a hardware version? id pay top dollar
ok - now I must medicate myself...8'0
instant bookmark classic!
holy crap. i can't wait for the ReWire version...
surely it's time for some baaaad puns?
i could totally see this launching a new wave of anamatronic-based hard ware sequencers. good call pinkus
what's up with the bassist? he's hitting some bum notes. the fifths are actually tritones, and the root is also a half step off too.
The bassist is new to the group. He's playing style is still a bit sheepish.

I'm just kidding. But seriously, you should hear them play "Wooly Bully."
It's not the bassist who's off; it's the keyboardist!

(Anonymous 12:18, I'm guessing you're a keyboard player.)
this sequencer has a great EWEI

I kidd, i kidd...
looks like mutton dressed up as lamb
sequencer is a wolf in sheep's clothes

This is so sweet.
I've been looking for something this clean and simple for a while, anyone know of anything similar yet not nessesarily sheep based? Im talking vsti or a plugin or something, anything so that i can just save this stuff. thanks
it's definately the keyboardist who is off. his notes don't go with anything, but i still love sheep beats. time to make a couple records with it ehh.
paxnunc - the "Drums" component in Audiomulch works in a very similar way (though you'd have to supply the samples..)
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Please, where can I buy the hardware version, I am making music with my ladyboy band Katoey Blog
..Ladyboy Kat xx
It's like a sheep version of The Necks!
Quite useful - especially when you're working in an office?
hahaha))) great))) From series of jokes))but useful) may be someone will improve the skills in the field of a rhythm by this reference)
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ev, ofis, mutfak, & mobilya dekorasyon rehberi
this is really fun and simple good job
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