eBay of the day: Fraudulent Lime Green Clarinet

Mick Bordet links to eBay item #7397522667, a truly hideous lime green plastic clarinet, selling for just £4.99, with £150 shipping charge. The vendor has a very poetic way with item descriptions. The clarinet is "The black tube of the beautiful green", but he's also selling "The SAX of the elegant green", "NEW elegant splendid high-class WHITE electric guitar" and my personal favourite, "The music tool guitar of the elegant brown". Buyer beware... (More Chinese eBay craziness here.)

[wipes vomit off of monitor]
even better, buy 2 together and save £2 on postage! I've just made a request for 8.
the mouthpiece on that clarinet is on back to front.
It's kinda pretty. I like the green. You all must get out of your box.

I also think the 150 GBP is a clever way of avoiding Ebay fees for 'buy it now' prices, and initial price fees.

Very clever. :)
Who would have guessed that plastic lime green clarinets were a significant part of "Chinese cluture and Chinese arts."
result of a one night stand between a clarinet and a highlighter pen.
Welcome to Chinese Restaurant. Please try your Nice Chines Food With Chopsticks the traditional and typical of Chinese glonous history and cultual. Learn how to use your chopsticks

Tuk under tnurnb and hcld firmly
Add second chcostick hold it as you hold a pencil
Hold tirst chopstick in orininai position move the cecond one up and down Now you can pick up anything:
Check out "view seller's other items" for some fun. One ugly Rickenbacker bass clone is referred to as "kissable", and paintings are labeled "the decorations of the beautiful canvas".
[Update from my site]
Amazingly nobody snapped this up, so it went unsold at £4.99 (plus £150 packaging, of course!). Looks like probably the same guy is (trying to) sell them under various names (just search for "black tube beautiful green" on eBay to see) starting at only 27p this time. "Pay attention to the color and the skill". Yes, indeed. And where on eBay would you look for this latest little gem? Why, 'Jewellery & Watches > Vintage & Antique Jewellery > Vintage Costume Jewellery > Pre-1837' - of course! It just keeps getting better...
No good clarinet player has a plastic clarinet, or has one spare just like this. Check out my clarinet blog!
oddly enough,he seems to have real guitars there.
a lot of steve vai signature ibanez guitars,and even some Gibson Les Pauls
you have to wonder if any of those are actually going to be sent to people who bid on them....
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