Cool, cheap, noisy, synths from Peru

Zebrana Logic are Carlos and Eduardo from Lima, Peru, who build and sell very cool looking and sounding synth boxes and FX pedals. You can get a filter or ringmod for $80-90, or full mini-synths for $80-120, and they're developing a proper synth with a keyboard. UPDATE: The only real problem is getting the stuff over from Peru - I was quoted $75 for shipping to the UK.
UPDATE: MT reader Sascha has bought one - pictures and sound samples are here on his blog Subtle Noise Maker.

Wow! These are some South American brothers I wouldn't mind supporting! Thanks for the link!
hold on there.
the stuff these guys make IS really cool but....
they don't accept PayPal. in order to buy something from them you have to wire them the money via Western Union. i purchased the Zero-G pedal a while back and it was a REAL pain to pay for it. you will also have to pay some fees to Western Union in addition to setting up an account with them. i also had to answer a phone call from Western Union and they will ask you some very personal info in order to verify you are you. ack! the pedal was pretty cool but not as cool as it seemed to be on their website. i think they need a bit more info and sound samples for some of their stuff. but they do have some cool noiz toyz. just be ready to go through some trouble if you want to buy one. would be hell to get it fixed if you had to send it back.

more noiz!
too bad there's no midi in on them, I'd snap those puppies up...
Wow, indeed these look dopest and the prices are freaking low! I mean REALLY low - I wonder how they're able to sell them so cheap 'cos they don't look simple (..have you seen all the things in the 2A Oscillator -- PacMan, Accelerator, etc. and only $120.!.)

HeHe - no MIDI - always wanting more.!. You'd loose half the fun'n'wonder if you were controlling it by MIDI.
^---Tom Bugs ---^
This is the future of analog. What, with all the synths being heaped into the dumps because they can't be sold, we will see those people who live in trash mountains pulling apart junk and making crazy modules. With the reduced price of labour, no income tax, no environmental costs to pass to the consumer, we'll be able to get huge modular synths for 1/10th of what they are going for now!
How's this for an idea:

I send them an email that reads something like "Gee, your oscillator/modulator/whatever looks cool! I'd buy it if only you would accept Paypal or cashier's check instead of just Western Union".

You send them a similar email and so do at least 50 other people.

Just a thought :)
midi and rackmounted, but still with the crazy handmade looking front... I'm running outa desk space.
I ordered the bigger oscillator synth, and also asked for paypal, but they said, that in peru paypal is not possible till now.
So it looks like they have no other choice.
but hey, that are really cheap (also together with shipping costs)and funny little devices, and that should more than compensate the laborious way of paying.
I tell you about the synth, when I have gotten it.
I think it's cheap because they are doing it themselves. Buy the components in batches of 1000, you can pay less than a cent for each part. Cost is maybe $20-30 a unit in parts. Not to mention buying the components from somewhere like China. Build the units yourself. Get to a point where you can make one or two a day x2 people plus any friend to help make the boxes, wire em up...

I'm suprised more people aren't doing this.
I forgot to mention the osc: za1 looks vaguely like a modded Mini Synth. I have a feeling it's based on it.
I sure know that you can get all the parts cheap if you buy in bulk (but buying 1000s means you need quite some storage space) 'cos I build things myself -

Its generally the labour that adds all the costs - main time consumers are all the wirings of the controls and preparing the boxes (lots of holes, gotta work tidy) - sure you can churn out plenty of the simple circuits like the stomp boxes, but the amount of wiring in the more complex designs would soon enough drive you pretty nuts if you've gotta do two a day!

So, yes, in summary - DIY rules.!. (but you'll have to spend some time on it -- and most people don't/won't!)

I agree with Tom Bugs (above). The labor is a big part of what you are paying for!
I have built several noise boxes like the ones they are selling... it takes TIME!

I have a special talent for screwing up when I try to build something myself.

I am of the school of thought that says that money can be earned back, but time, once lost, can never be recovered. I find paying someone else to build something for me is worth the cost, over trying to build it myself, because the time I would have spent building that thing can instead be spent on making music.
hehehe.. really? You have no idea how expensive is importing any musical instrument from UK to South America. Half of my old Yamaha CS1x price was for shipping. No regrets, thought.
I have finally got my Zebranologic synth.
pics, comments and samples of it are here:

sascha neudeck
You're right, TecBear, I don't. If you have the free time and talent to build your own gear, more power to you!

Just understand not everyone has both the free time and the talent. If you can't afford to buy gear AND you have a busy, busy schedule, you're screwed!
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