Real, all analog, monosynth, just $99

eBay item #7364494285 looks like a fantastic bargain, and perfect for someone (like me) who likes the idea of building a DIY synth, but doesn't really want to learn how to do major soldering. It's a Cano Electronics Sonosaur analog bass pedal synthesizer. Two DCO oscillators, analog ADSR, analog filter, with eight pots and a ¼" socket already soldered to the board. You can play it with any 13 switches, or buy a Midi Retrofit Board for just $39. I'm getting one! (Thanks, Dr Ben)

Before you comment, please read this: Yes, this post has links to eBay, which go via their affiliate program, so expect minor wierdness when you click. If you're loaded with anti-ad software, you might not be able to click at all.
its an interesting bit of emotional economy, isn't it?

by the time you've paid for the import duty, the royal mail skanky extra charge on top of the import duty, and the postage, it's a hundred quid, by which time you would have a perfectly servicable jen sx1000 from the sos small ads///


that would look like other peoples' lame jen sx1000s, whereas you can put this in a cigar box and pretend you are a creative electronic genius loser instead of an avaricious synth buying loser, and clearly represents the better deal.

(from my forthcoming monograph "the psychopathology of the synthporn fantasist").

has anyone experience with this little thing? looks cool to me. good for a live setup - it's smaller than a jen :-)
any soundsamples anywhere?
They only ship to US and canada. :( Damn! They have some really cool products. pfff...
There's no such thing as "major soldering" really. All knowing how to solder takes is a little patience, a little care, and a lack of worries over what making a hobby of breathing lead will do to your senior years.

Take the plunge. As an electronics enthusiast, not knowing how to solder hurts you more than knowing does (aside from the occasional burning kiss on the fingers from the iron).
Howard Cano wrote some really cool construction articles for Electronic Musician back in the 80s (when it was far cooler than it is now).
It would be nice if there were some sound samples. I'm all about the DIY, *and* I have a limited budget, so this kit is pretty appealing to me!
Holy Cow! This guy is in Olathe Kansas.
I work (guess where) Olathe (oh-lay-the) Kansas.
Its a complete s-hole of a city.
I will have one or more of these.
"all analog"

2 DCOs

Stop the nitpicking. DCO's are analog oscillators wich are only digitally controlled. Meaning super stable (no need to tune) non aliasing ANALOG waveforms! Stop the nitpicking
Update: I emailed the guy and he said there's no sound demos of it online, and he has no plans to upload any demos of it either. Just so you know.
i just moved from olathe 2 years ago! wow, it did kinda suck.
this guy has been running this on ebay a few months an at onetime he had a website up w/demo sounds. as I recall, it sounded pretty killer for a 100 bucks. you could easily buy a busted garage sale organ w/footpedals and build a killer foot synth. I got an idea for a bass synth hurdy-gurdy device myself!
Hi ladies and gents. I thought I might randomly address a few points made by other people.

Wow, I'm surprised anybody remembers my construction articles in Electronic Musician magazine. I had quite a few in the radio control mags, also. Does anybody remember my ads for string synths and electronic drum sets way back when?

Yes, I only ship to the USA and Canada.

I have to giggle whenever someone mentions "they" when talking of my products, ie. "They have some really cool products." There's no "they" here. It's just little old me, trying to have some fun and keep my design chops sharp while I'm retired.

The oscillators on Saurus, Sonosaur, and BassicPeds are the same, and are digitally-based as mentioned in my product description for Sonosaur. They are software oscillators, and the pulse outputs are then shaped with analog circuitry. The oscillators are done via simple division of the crystal frequency, so there is no aliasing. Except for the lack of frequency drift, there is absolutely no difference between the waveforms produced by them and equivalent analog oscillators.

I have no plans at the moment to make Sonosaur samples available on the web, but that's just because I'm lazy. How about a free MIDIPeds to the first one who uses Sonosaur to replicate the Saurus presets and make them available on the web? Then I don't have to keep telling people "it sounds really close to Saurus".

As with most places, Olathe, KS, USA, has its good sections and bad sections. One of the reasons we moved here was for the schools. They are absolutely top-notch, and rated quite highly in the nation-- much better than the other places we've lived (in Utah, and in Colorado, in a nice section of the Denver metro area). I drive my clapped-out van when I go to the bad sections. I drive my Miata when I go someplace nice!
I just bought one of these and it sounds very cool. Analog, with very interesting filtering. You can get a lot of sounds out of this. I am very surprised it was only $99.00
Where has Howard Cano gone? I'd like to buy a MidiPeds from him, but he is no longer on eBay. Does anybody know how I can get in contact with him? Please email me:
I also would like to buy a MIDIpeds board - have one but it died - does anyone know how to contact Howard Cano - or of any other supplier?
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