New Moog product speculation becomes hysterical

Nothing turned up at Namm, then Moog announced that at MusikMesse: "Expect a BIG announcement about a little addition to our product line. Until then, we will leave you guessing." Then Amos, who works at Moog, hangs out on various forums, and started the rumours in the first place, said: "The truth is better than anyone has guessed... in fact I wager no one could actually envision what Moog has pulled off without seeing it for themselves. OK, I'm insanely biased, there's no denying it... so take that with a grain of salt. But Messe is soon... ready or not, here we come!"
Current front runners are the modular midi Moog accordion (designed by MT reader Inverse Room), and the Femto-Moog, which Amos posted himself... I'll be on the plane to Frankfurt when this is officially announced, so Peter will probably get the scoop!

Too funny. : )
Ha Ha 0wnd by CDM!
Crikey... word really gets around on this Internet contraption, doesn't it?
Boy is my face red. Expect a bit less runaway enthusiasm in future...

You're a bit of a wanker, amos.
I'm sorry you think so. I suspect it's the mediating effect of the net; I doubt you'd feel the same if we met in person. To any whom I have annoyed, I offer my sincerest apologies.
That's a bit unfair, Mr Anonymous.
Aww poor Amos =(

I don't think you're a wanker.
amos knows what the new Moog is.... so, there!!!!!
good god, this is gonna have to be amazing or i'm gonna be bummed
Will there be a cheaper version of the modular accordion made without midi?

Does it sound as good as the Roland FR-7b V-Accordion? Or are they so different that its worth getting both?

It's great that us synth accordionists are finally being recorgnised for the great impact we have had on music. No longer shall we have look like idiots by having to wear full size keyboards strapped to our chests.

I had a arp in the 80's it was cool.
I don't know about you all, but I'm tired of people constantly trying to give us analog synth enthusiasts a "moogasm." what will the new product be like? Only few weeks to go. Please give us a hint?!? Will it be worth keeping the money in the closet until Musikmesse?
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