Monday Linkdump

1) Carver Doug's endlessly entertaining crazy carved guitars: Dragons, babes, and, er, the wrong-diddly-wrong Wancaster. (Thanks, Jasse and everyone else)
2) Missing the Packrat cartoons that started out on Music Thing, moved to Keyboard magazine and are no more? Here is the latest installment. (Caution - contains linguistic references that may confuse British viewers)
3) Lyle, who plays guitar with Beck, has this cool guitar (scroll down a bit) with a built in Kaoss Pad! (Thanks, Joe)
4) Some crazy robotic drumming from The Apollo Program, who also do Robotic Guitars. (Thanks, Michael)
5) Huge and alarming looking Tube Synth from Pinky, creator of many other alarming synths. (Thanks, Schism)
6) My own news: I found a Waldorf Pulse very cheap on eBay, and used it on a remix.
7) Got a Korg Microkorg and a Mac? Now you can get an OSX Editor. (Thanks Spod)
8) $167 box will train your ears, making you a better musician.
9) DJ Sniff has built a great homemade looping/sampling/DJing setup: Hardware, software, video demo [QT].
10) The Sonic Post is a very cool-looking sound installation from Tom Bugs with a touch-plate interface, on display in London until 17th March.

What that Tube Synth needs is some spinning tape reels below it and a mess of LED lights, then you got yourself the set for the movie War Games. God, I loved that movie!

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