The miracle of YouTube

Late as ever, I've just discovered YouTube (basically Flickr for video). Their slogan is 'Broadcast Yourself', but people mainly seem to be broadcasting cool music videos:
1) Prince's new single 'Black Sweat' is fantastic, and very much like the old times again - analog synths, Linn Drums. The video is here, and another great new Hendrix-esque tremolo-tastic song 'Fury' from SNL here.
2) Holy crap! Rick Wakeman playing awful muzak really really fast here
3) Vangelis synthporn, plus comedy piano playing and loads of toffs running about here (stick with it, there's a CS80 and ARP 2500 & 2600s later)
4) Giorgio Moroder and Phil Oakey's finest hour here
5) Clyde Stubblefield drumming with James Brown in 1968 here
6) 808 State's 'Cubik here
7) Some dudes in a bedroom with an 808 and a 303 here
8) Lots of Aphex Twin videos here, particularly this great oldie.
9) And a whole mess of Kraftwerk here
10) Iggy and the Stooges doing 'TV Eye' live in 1970 here
(Thanks to Matrix Synth for pointing me in the right direction)

that's some cool shit! check this one too!
That Vangelis video is awesome. I love how he has to keep on consulting the projection screen to see which notes to not-play on the Steinway.
Nothing like rediscovery with something like On. So many subway rides in S. SK on the morning way home. I like the chopping routes that make AT.
TV Eye, no sense in choosing the poison. Iggy's AOTA.
thee road ov multiple video streams!

wading thru a starlit mire
I suggest you put 'Devo' into the search..

then you'll see some cool stuff!
I am uploading now an excerpt from Torino 2006 featuring music by Richie Hawting. The first part is here and the second part is being uploaded now. Upload is slow as hell...
i love vangelis' inspirational cigarette on the piano...
Wakeman has ludicrous hair and he's not a pretty man, but he can still play like a sonvabitch. Incredibly gifted guy.
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